J Street Condemns Appalling Recent Spike in Antisemitic Attacks

May 24, 2021

J Street condemns the appalling recent spike in attacks on Jewish people, synagogues and other Jewish spaces in the United States and elsewhere around the world, seemingly in response to elevated tensions around the violent escalation in Israel and Gaza. We unequivocally oppose these attacks and antisemitism in all its forms, and we call for all responsible political and communal leaders to take all necessary action to help keep Jewish people safe.

It must be absolutely clear that verbal or violent attacks targeting Jewish people based on the actions or alleged actions of the Israeli government are antisemitic and outrageous. It should be obvious that such acts of hate do nothing to advance Palestinian rights, and in fact only undermine important, legitimate advocacy and activism on behalf of the Palestinian people and in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace and equality.

J Street is committed to opposing and combating all forms of antisemitism and all forms of hatred and discrimination targeting vulnerable minorities in our country. It’s critical that the American Jewish community work together with our allies across racial and religious lines to promote tolerance and mutual respect, and to protect all of our communities from bigotry and violence.

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