J Street condemns offensive Palestinian images inciting violence in Jerusalem

November 7, 2014

With violence rising in Jerusalem–including two terror attacks in as many weeks–a series of reprehensible political cartoons reportedly posted on the social media of official Palestinian outlets are fanning the flames.

These images are beyond repugnant, some of them are clearly anti-Semitic and undeniably dangerous amid such volatility.

We condemn these cartoons and urge President Abbas to order any official Palestinian outlets to remove them immediately. J Street regularly calls on Israeli leaders to prevent violence and de-escalate tensions and we expect no less from their Palestinian counterparts.

Jerusalem is teetering on the brink and a war over the Temple Mount would have dire consequences, not only for Israelis and Palestinians, but for the entire Middle East. History will remember which leaders exploited the situation for political gain and which showed real leadership by urging peace and coexistence. For the sake of all people in the region, we implore them to choose the latter.