J Street Congratulates Israeli President Peres on Receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom

June 13, 2012

J Street proudly congratulates Israeli President Shimon Peres on receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom today, an honor rarely extended to world leaders.

President Peres has spent his lifetime working toward peace in the Middle East, and, through his many roles in the Israeli government, has played an essential part in shaping the modern and vibrant state that exists today. His vision and dedication to peace have earned him not only incredible accolades, but also great respect around the world.

As President Obama said about President Peres: "In his life he has fought for Israel’s independence, and he has fought for peace and security. As a member of the Haganah and a member of the Knesset; as a minister of defense and foreign affairs; as a prime minister and as a president — Shimon helped build the nation that thrives today: the Jewish state of Israel […] But beyond these extraordinary achievements, he has also been a powerful moral voice that reminds us that right makes might, not the other way around."