J Street Deeply Concerned by Barrage of Rocket Fire from Islamic Jihad in Gaza

February 24, 2020

J Street is deeply concerned by the latest fighting between Israel and the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which over the past 24 hours has launched a barrage of rocket attacks toward the Israeli south — while Israeli forces have responded with airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and Syria. We are deeply worried about the well-being of the Israeli communities that are now living under imminent risk from rockets and other threats, and we strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself and its people against acts of terror.

Our thoughts are also with the civilian population of Gaza, who once again are faced with the prospect of being caught in the crossfire of a new round of conflict that would only further exacerbate an already severe humanitarian crisis.

We fear that PIJ’s efforts to incite clashes and further destabilize the region could lead to another major escalation in violence, with disastrous consequences for civilians on both sides. We hope that these attacks will come to an end and that a ceasefire can be restored and enforced. Ultimately, only sustained and serious diplomacy with the active participation and encouragement of the international community can bring lasting security and relief to the people of Gaza and to the Israeli south.