J Street Demands Apology from Tommy Thompson

October 15, 2012

In response to Governor Tommy Thompson’s outrageous remarks accusing Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of being anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami released the following statement:

“Governor Thompson’s desperate charge that Congresswoman Baldwin is somehow anti-Jewish or anti-Israel clearly crosses the line. His ignorance of the facts, and of the Jewish community’s sensitivity to the legacy of anti-Semitism is upsetting and unbecoming of someone aspiring to become a senator.

Tammy Baldwin has an outstanding pro-Israel record, proven by her many visits to Israel, her support for robust military aid and for the strongest sanctions package Iran has ever seen. Baldwin is in line with the vast majority of American Jews, who realize that Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic homeland depends on the creation of a two-state solution, and US leadership to achieve it.

Thompson’s use of Israel as a partisan wedge issue is an old and obvious campaign trick, but it has grave implications for US bipartisan support of Israel. Thompson should stop hurling slurs that he does not understand and apologize for his comments.”