J Street horrified by Kabul Airport attacks

August 26, 2021

J Street is horrified and deeply saddened by the terrorist bombing attacks at the Kabul airport today, which reportedly killed twelve US servicemembers and dozens of Afghan civilians, and left over 150 people wounded.

At this terrible time our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones, and with all those US servicemembers and personnel who are bravely and selflessly working at great personal risk and under tremendous strain to help evacuate as many Americans and Afghan refugees as possible. Our thoughts are also with all those in Afghanistan who continue to suffer from the terrible conflict in their country and from horrific violence like what took place today.

​​We commend the Biden administration for all that they have done to evacuate over 80,000 people from Kabul so far, and will continue to do all that we can to advocate for the evacuation and resettlement of as many Afghan refugees as possible here in the United States.