J Street Opposes Inadequate, Politicized GOP Supplemental Bill – Urges Passage of Full Supplemental Aid Package, Including Security and Humanitarian Assistance

October 31, 2023

The supplemental aid legislation introduced by Speaker Johnson and House Republicans is deeply problematic and irresponsible, shamefully politicizing support for Israel and undermining the national security and foreign policy of the United States at a time of war and humanitarian crisis.

While President Biden has asked Congress for a supplemental funding bill that includes robust security assistance to Israel and Ukraine and major funding for humanitarian assistance to Israelis, Palestinians, Ukrainians and others, House Republicans have put forward an inadequate and unserious bill that would solely provide $14.3 billion in security assistance to Israel. By refusing to include the other important provisions of the president’s request – including $10 billion in desperately needed global humanitarian aid amidst the unfolding crisis in Gaza – and by insisting that the legislation be “offset” by massive cuts to the IRS, Republicans are engaging in a harmful political stunt.

If this totally inadequate bill is brought to a vote, J Street urges Members of Congress to oppose it and vote “no.”

We call on House and Senate leadership to swiftly put forward and pass a bipartisan supplemental aid package that includes each of the key components of the president’s request.

Security assistance to our allies Israel and Ukraine is deeply important as they confront the threats posed by Hamas and Russia, respectively. At the same time, military aid alone is simply insufficient to address the massive foreign policy challenges facing the United States in both these conflicts and around the world.

In reiterating his administration’s call for Congress to include billions of dollars in humanitarian assistance for Palestinian civilians now suffering terribly in Gaza, Secretary of State Blinken warned today that: “Without swift and sustained humanitarian relief, the conflict is much more likely to spread. Suffering will grow, and Hamas and its sponsors will benefit.”

J Street supports the provision of $14.3 billion in security assistance to Israel as part of the broader supplemental package requested by the president. We also believe that both the Biden Administration and Congress have a responsibility to set clear guardrails on Israeli policies and actions as the US provides this major assistance amidst the deadly ongoing conflict.

The US government should insist that Israeli authorities:

  • Take all possible measures to prevent casualties and harm among Palestinian civilians in Gaza and otherwise adhere to international law in their military operations against Hamas.
  • Facilitate robust humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians.
  • Enact zero tolerance and accountability for settler violence and harassment against Palestinians.
  • Bring a halt to all provocative and annexationist policies and actions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the forced displacement of Palestinian communities.
  • Publicly acknowledge that post-conflict arrangements must ultimately result in the creation and recognition of an independent Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel.