J Street Statement on Violence at Israel’s Embassy in Egypt

September 11, 2011

J Street expresses deep relief at the safe return of Israeli diplomatic personnel and their families to Israel from Cairo today. The events at the Israeli Embassy are deeply troubling, and we urge Egypt to ensure that its security forces are in the future set to take all necessary action to protect foreign diplomats in their country. We are grateful to President Obama for his intervention and echo the Prime Minister of Israel’s thanks to the President for the assistance provided by the United States and for the deep friendship that exists between the two countries. We note with the utmost sadness and deep trepidation the rapidly deteriorating position of Israel in the Middle East and beyond and the growing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment driving protestors at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo and anti-Israel activities around the world. To stop what feels like an inexorable drift towards calamitous conflict and thorough isolation in its region and around the world, the Israeli government must take bold and decisive action to end the conflict with the Palestinians and to re-establish strong and positive ties with Turkey and Egypt now, before it is too late. J Street reiterates its call for Israel, its neighbors and the international community to step forward now with a plan for comprehensive and genuine peace that will stabilize the region and enhance Israel’s security.