J Street U Elects its Eighth National Student Board

August 17, 2017

WASHINGTON — J Street U, the student arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement, today announced the election of its eighth national student board with Stanford senior, Zoe Goldblum, at its head.

The National Board, which directs the student arm of J Street, was elected by the organization’s leaders at the annual Summer Leadership Institute this weekend. It is comprised of the president and six other elected vice presidents, each of whom represents a geographic region. The board members work collaboratively to guide strategy for the organization.

J Street U is one of the largest pro-Israel student movements in the United States, with chapters on over 65 campuses and a presence on dozens more. More than a thousand students from across the country attended J Street’s 2017 National Conference. On campuses and communities across the country, J Street U organizes on behalf of a two-state solution and our fundamental values of tolerance, justice and equality.

The members of the eighth J Street U National Board are:

Zoe Goldblum, President of the J Street U National Student Board. Zoe is a senior at Stanford University. She has previously served as a regional co-chair and as vice president to the Northwest region on the National Student Board, as well as a co-chair for Stanford’s J Street U chapter. Zoe is currently serving as a vice president on the board of Stanford’s Jewish Students Association. She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she attended a Solomon Schecter Day School.

Andrew Muchin Goldblatt, Vice President for the Northeast region. Andrew is a junior at Tufts University. He has previously served as a Northeast regional co-chair and as student co-chair for J Street’s 2017 National Conference. Andrew spent the summer of 2016 in Jerusalem as a sound engineer helping produce the Jerusalem Youth Chorus’ new album, “Home.” In 2014, Andrew represented over 3,500 members of the Chicago Children’s Choir as Singer’s Council president. He currently also serves as a Visions of Peace/Israel fellow at Tufts Hillel.

Shirah Kraus, Vice President for the Mid-Atlantic region. Shirah a senior at Bryn Mawr College. She founded and served as president of the Bryn Mawr College chapter. She has served as a Mid-Atlantic regional co-chair. Last spring she studied Arabic and Palestinian history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Ben Gellman, Vice President for the Southeast region. Ben Gellman is a senior at Johns Hopkins University. He grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, where he was involved in the local USY chapter and regularly attended Beth Israel Center, Madison’s Conservative synagogue. Active in J Street U since his freshman year, Ben has served as co-chair of the Johns Hopkins chapter and regional co-chair for the Southeast. He is a committed member of the Hopkins Jewish community, leading Conservative services at Hillel on many Friday nights.

Eva Borgwardt, Vice President for the Northwest region. Eva is a junior at Stanford University. Previously, she served as a Northwest regional co-chair and a co-chair of the Stanford chapter. She is actively involved in Hillel at Stanford, and recently helped found Stanford’s Jewish Social Justice Collective. Eva grew up in the Jewish communities of Palo Alto and Saint Louis. She spent this past summer in Jerusalem, where she interned with J Street U’s Israel program.

Ben Sharp, Vice President for the Southwest region. Ben is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin. A native of Teaneck, New Jersey, he founded the J Street U chapter on his campus his freshman year of college. This past year he served as a Southwest regional co-chair. Ben was an American Delegate to the Seeds of Peace Summer Camp in 2013 and spent this past summer studying Arabic at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Brent Efron, Vice President for the Midwest region. Brent is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis. He grew up as a member of the Boston Jewish community, attending Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, MA. He has been active with J Street U since his freshman year and previously served as co-chair of his campus chapter.

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