J Street Welcomes Bipartisan Effort to Block Trump From Launching Disastrous War With Iran

April 4, 2019

In response to the introduction of the bipartisan “Prevention of Unconstitutional War With Iran Act of 2019” by Senators Tom Udall, Rand Paul and Dick Durbin, J Street’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Dylan Williams issued the following statement:

“This vitally-needed bipartisan legislation aims to prevent President Trump from launching a war against Iran without first obtaining congressional authorization. Senators should support it and fulfill their constitutional obligation to act as a check on the president’s ability to take our nation into another disastrous war of choice.

With their unilateral violation of the successful JCPOA nuclear agreement and dangerous inclination towards ‘regime change,’ the president and his war cabinet have repeatedly acted to undermine diplomacy and increase the prospects for armed conflict with Iran. This bill makes clear that the Trump administration’s destructive approach is alienating key US allies and courting disaster. Congress must do all that it can to restrain this reckless president before it’s too late.”

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