J Street Welcomes House Letter Supporting Israel’s Pro-Democracy Protesters

May 24, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – J Street welcomed an important new open letter from 48 Members of Congress, addressed to Israel’s pro-democracy protesters, expressing strong support and admiration for their ongoing efforts to safeguard democratic institutions and principles.

Led by Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jamie Raskin, the letter’s signers express the hope that Israeli protesters will succeed in preventing the Netanyahu government’s extreme plans to undermine the independence of the judiciary. They note with concern that the legislation could “corrode Israel’s democratic character and, in doing so, strain the critical relationship between Israel and the United States.”

The Members of Congress also note that ongoing efforts to undermine the judiciary are linked to the expansion of settlements and entrenchment of occupation in the West Bank, warning that “weakening the Supreme Court will render it unable to constrain further entrenchment of the occupation of the West Bank, and in particular, the confiscation of Palestinian property and ‘regularization’ of settlement outposts that are illegal under both Israeli and international law.”

“It’s great to see Members of Congress express their unwavering solidarity with Israelis who are fighting to defend democracy,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, President of J Street. “The US-Israel relationship is rooted in shared democratic values. At a time when both countries face very serious threats posed by illiberal far-right movements, it’s critical that pro-democracy forces continue to recognize our common struggle and stand together.”

The full letter and list of signers can be viewed here.

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