J Street Welcomes Israeli Peace Initiative

April 5, 2011

Jeremy Ben-Ami, President of J Street, released the following statement in response to the Israeli Peace Initiative proposed by former chiefs of the Israeli intelligence services and military officers:

J Street is pleased to welcome the introduction of the Israeli Peace Initiative, spearheaded by a number of Israel’s prominent former security and military leaders. The initiative – rooted in two decades of negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians – sets forth a clear vision for two states and, in conjunction with the Arab Peace Initiative, provides a strong basis to negotiate a regional, comprehensive peace agreement. Now is the time for bold moves toward peace, as democracy movements change the course of history in the Middle East and Israel faces an imminent September United Nations vote on Palestinian statehood. This initiative is part of a growing consensus in and out of Israel that the time has come for the parties to move urgently toward a two-state solution. We are calling on President Obama to present his own vision for an agreement, with international support, in a trip to Jerusalem and the Middle East. Now, more than ever, he must make clear the urgency of a two-state solution and regional peace that serve the long-term interests of Israel, the broader Middle East, and the United States.