J Street Welcomes New Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism, Anti-Muslim Bigotry and All Forms of Racism

March 7, 2019

J Street welcomes the resolution introduced this afternoon by Congressmen Jamie Raskin and Cedric Richmond strongly condemning anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry and all forms of racism.

As an organization that is primarily though not exclusively Jewish, we are deeply concerned by the rise in anti-Semitism in this country and the devastating impact it has had on our community. We recognize that this is only one aspect of a broader wave of intolerance and hate that has been rising in recent years, fomented in particular by forces of white nationalism on the far right of American politics.

We believe it is an important step forward in the fight against anti-Semitism for the Jewish community to stand together with Muslim-Americans and other vulnerable communities of color and faith that are subjected to discrimination and attack on the basis of their religion, race, ethnicity or other status.

This Congressional resolution puts questions about anti-Semitism raised in recent weeks into the broader context where they belong and makes it unequivocally clear that core American values and principles are violated by anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry and racism.

We urge the House to pass this resolution immediately.

Moving forward, we hope that Congress will be able to turn its attention to the many other pressing items of business facing the country. We hope as well that, when it comes to issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there will be the space to have a robust, nuanced and substantive debate on US policy and the role our country can play in helping to secure a just and peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians through a two-state solution.

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