J Street Welcomes President’s Commitments on Israel and Iran

January 29, 2014

J Street welcomes statements in President Obama’s State of the Union address highlighting diplomacy as the way to defuse conflicts across the Middle East – and particularly his commitment to pursue a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear crisis if possible and to press forward with efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami said: “The president made a compelling case for diplomacy. From working to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons, to reining in Iran’s nuclear program and to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, US diplomatic leadership is advancing our vital interests in the region’s security and stability. The president articulated a strategy for the Middle East that is tough, realistic and getting results.

“I hope Congress was listening carefully and will drop moves that could sabotage his efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear issue. The Senate should stop setting impossible demands and back the administration in getting a tough but feasible deal that ensures Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon. Those who would undercut diplomacy or hold out for an impossible final deal should realize that we could end up with nothing as a result.

“I was also glad to see the president affirm Secretary Kerry’s resolve to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As the parties come closer to the moment of decision, they should have no doubt the president is fully behind them.”