JStreetPAC Proudly Endorses Governor John Hickenlooper for Senate in Colorado

June 18, 2020

JStreetPAC, the political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement, is proud to endorse Governor John Hickenlooper in the race to defeat Colorado’s Senator Cory Gardner this November.

“With his strong commitment to principled, diplomacy-first foreign policy and support for the rights and needs of both Israelis and Palestinians, Governor Hickenlooper will be an important and much-needed new voice in the Senate,” said Ilya Braverman, J Street’s National Political Director. “While Senator Gardner has helped Mitch McConnell enable the Trump administration’s destructive agenda at every turn, we know Governor Hickenlooper will work to roll it back — and to help chart a bold and effective new course for American leadership in the Middle East.”

“I am thrilled to earn the endorsement of J Street, the leading advocacy organization for a pro-Israel, pro-peace approach,” said Hickenlooper. “The two-state solution remains the best way to achieve long term peace and stability for both Israelis and Palestinians. I oppose unilateral actions that move us away from this goal, including annexation of the West Bank. In the Senate, I will continue to advocate for advancing Israel’s security and stability and work with J Street towards achieving lasting peace in the region.”

This year, Colorado is a frontline, battleground state in the fight to elect a Senate majority that will champion diplomacy and defend democracy. As a popular former governor, Hickenlooper has what it takes to defeat Senator Gardner — and to provide the kind of leadership his opponent has consistently failed to.

In stark contrast to his opponent — who has cheered President Trump’s reckless abandonment of the Iran nuclear agreement and voted against a measure to restrain the president from taking the US into war without congressional approval — Governor Hickenlooper will work to repair relationships with our allies and to avoid disastrous wars of choice in the Middle East. He supports a US and Iranian return to full compliance with the JCPOA nuclear agreement, and is committed to using smart diplomacy to block all Iranian pathways to a nuclear weapon.


J Street: Logan Bayroff, [email protected]
Hickenlooper for Colorado: Ammar Moussa, [email protected] 

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