Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Presentation Showed Importance of Maintaining JCPOA

April 30, 2018

With his presentation today, Prime Minister Netanyahu unintentionally made an excellent case for why it is so vital to maintain the Iran nuclear agreement. The JCPOA was negotiated precisely because the US and its European allies were and are determined to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and ensure that Iran can never develop a nuclear weapon. By successfully blocking all Iranian pathways to a nuclear weapon, the agreement has made the US, Israel and the world safer.

This pact subjects Iran to the most intrusive inspections regime ever agreed — leaving nothing to trust. While Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump have long been determined to undermine this agreement, their own security establishments continue to confirm that the deal is working and that Iran is compliant with all of its commitments. Nothing we were shown today contradicts or disproves that expert assessment.