Statement on Amb. Oren’s Plans to Speak at Brandeis Commencement

April 27, 2010

J Street released the following statement on Ambassador Oren’s plans to speak at Brandeis University’s 2010 commencement:

Jeremy Sherer’s comments in Brandeis University’s Justice are not at all reflective of J Street or J Street U’s stance on Ambassador Michael Oren’s plans to speak at Brandeis University’s commencement. We are pleased that the Ambassador has accepted this invitation and would welcome him to speak at any J Street event.

The Ambassador offers an important voice in the conversation over how best to ensure peace and security for Israel and we appreciate his perspective in our own ongoing candid conversations with the Embassy of Israel. While we may and do disagree on certain things, a broad and robust conversation about Israel and how best to secure its future as a democracy and a Jewish homeland is critical to the long-term interests of Israel itself, the United States, and our own community. The vital role the United States can play in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and our own national security interests in doing so, are issues that should rightfully and meaningfully engage students, Jewish and non-Jewish alike.