Tel Aviv Bus Bombing Unconscionable Act of Terror, Ceasefire Urgently Needed

November 21, 2012

We awoke this morning to the terrible news of a bus bombing targeting Israelis in Tel Aviv. We abhor this unconscionable act and pray for a full and quick recovery for those wounded. As we follow ongoing developments, we dread further reports of Israeli and Palestinian civilian casualties and injuries.

As Israeli civilians are targeted, we share their anger and fear. Short- and long-term security must be restored and ensured. We denounce escalations that undercut the potential for reaching a much needed cease fire. Leaders must summon sound judgment in reacting to this impossible situation so that the cycle of violence is broken.

We call on President Obama and Secretary Clinton to do everything in their power to work with the Egyptian president and the Israeli government to broker a ceasefire. We urge leaders in the region and around the world to strongly condemn acts of terror like this bus bombing and to avoid fanning the flames of war.