J Street Responds to Third International Court of Justice Provisional Measures Ruling

May 24, 2024

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) today ordered the Israeli government to undertake additional binding provisional measures, including “immediately halt[ing] its military offensive” in Rafah, noting the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the catastrophic risks to civilian lives as a result of a Rafah military operation.

J Street reiterates our deep concern about Israeli military operations in Rafah and supports the position of President Biden and the international community, which have repeatedly made clear that an invasion of Rafah, without adequate plans for the protection of civilians, cannot continue. Today’s ICJ decision underscores that position.

As security experts and political leaders in Israel continue to make clear, the complex goal of politically and militarily defeating Hamas cannot succeed if the Netanyahu government alienates itself from regional partners, isolates Israel internationally, and fuels the hopelessness, grief and devastation upon which extremists feed.

J Street remains committed to the immediate imperative of freeing the hostages held in Gaza and the goal of removing Hamas from operational control of Gaza – utilizing a strategy to achieve these aims in accordance with international law. Importantly, the ICJ once again reiterated its call for the unconditional and immediate release of Israeli hostages.

J Street continues to reject the allegation of genocide in this case, and we note that the ICJ’s interim rulings do not constitute a final judgment on South Africa’s claim.

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