Trump Admin’s Internment of Migrant Children is an Assault on Core Jewish, American Values

October 4, 2018

Reports that the Trump administration has forced hundreds of undocumented children into what can only be accurately described as an internment camp, in Tornillo, Texas, demonstrate that this administration intends to continue — and even intensify — its barbaric policies toward migrant families.

Earlier this summer, the Trump administration’s policy of imprisoning children crossing the US-Mexico border and separating them from their parents drew the shock and condemnation of the entire nation and much of the international community. Under court orders and popular pressure, the administration backtracked partially on that policy. Through its current actions — as well as its unwillingness or inability to reunify all previously separated families — the administration is again showing its xenophobia and blatant disregard for the wellbeing of children.

As the descendants of immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, we are outraged and horrified to see a US administration in the 21st century target those seeking a better life and refuge in our country today with practices that recall some of the most devastating episodes of the Jewish people’s historical experience.

J Street will continue to stand as part of the Families Belong Together coalition, and to do all that we can to support the individuals and organizations on the frontlines of this struggle. We call on elected officials at all levels to do everything in their power to stop this administration from continuing to trample on the fundamental values and decency of our country.

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