“Share your bread with the hungry and welcome the homeless into your home.”

September 21, 2015


As Yom Kippur approaches, our hearts are breaking at the tragic plight of millions of refugees fleeing Syria seeking a safe haven in Europe.

The scenes of nations shutting their gates to these people in need evoke painful memories from our own history.

I know that as members of J Street, you are used to our political appeals and outreach — and that this is something a little different. But the need is so great that we, as Jews and as fellow human beings, must step forward.

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is working on behalf of our community to help. It is providing the crucial resources needed to help refugees find their feet in new homes. And so I am asking you to lend a hand as well.

Please donate $18 or more to HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, to help refugees in need.

Tomorrow, as we mark the most introspective day of the Jewish calendar, many of us will be reflecting on our own actions during the past year and how we wish to act in the year ahead.

The traditional reading we hear on this day from the Prophet Isaiah tells us that fasting and introspection are not enough:

“Is this the fast I want? A day for people to starve their bodies? … No! This is the fast I want: unlock the chains of wickedness, untie the knots of servitude. Let the oppressed go free, their bonds broken. Share your bread with the hungry, and welcome the homeless into your home. When you see the naked, clothe them. All people are your kin: do not ignore them.”

(Isaiah 58:7-8, tr. Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, J Street Rabbinic Cabinet)

HIAS helped many of our families when they came to these American shores – and now it is helping others. It needs us to step forward as individuals.

I’ve donated to support their work, and I hope you’ll join me.

We’re collecting a donation on behalf of the pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy community, and will forward it to HIAS during Sukkot. I hope we’ll be able to add your name to the list of supporters.

Make your contribution of $18, $36 or more now.

Thanks for taking action,