Ways to Support Those Impacted by the Ongoing Crisis

Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom’s network of 33,000 paramedics and first responders have been working around the clock to save lives, performing dangerous and heroic work in southern Israel and across the country. Your support can enable them to deploy more ambulances and replenish critical supplies. 


International Committee of the Red Cross

The Red Cross is working tirelessly to provide lifesaving medical care on both sides of the Gaza border. In conflict situations, the ICRC takes a lead role and directs the work of its partners — in this case the Israeli Magen David Adom and the Palestinian Red Crescent.


New Israel Fund’s Emergency Response Plan

  • Basic care for the most vulnerable groups: While the country reels from this attack, we must make sure that no communities are left behind. Families in the kibbutzim near the Gaza Border are still not reunited and may not have the access to care that they need. A number of Bedouin citizens from unrecognized villages in the South have been killed and many more injured. With very little infrastructure – including very few bomb shelters—and decades of neglect by consecutive governments, this community needs urgent support to ensure that basic care is available for those injured, left homeless, and for those needing arrangements for the dead. These are just examples of two vulnerable groups that need our help right now.
  • Combating violent speech and incitement online: Ever since news of the attack first broke, right-wing extremists have been calling for revenge and attempting to escalate an already dangerous episode by inciting hatred and fomenting violence in mixed Arab-Jewish cities and towns throughout the country. Learning from past experiences, we know how quickly and easily these kinds of inciting messages can spread and lead to conflicts and conflagrations on the ground. We need to help de-escalate, de-platform and disempower these voices online.
  • Preventing inter-communal violence in mixed cities: Through focused efforts with municipalities, the media, and local grassroots leaders, we have to work to prevent the spread of violence into mixed Arab and Jewish cities.
  • Mental health and trauma counseling: We know that yesterday was among the most terrifying and traumatizing days for Israelis in recent memory. People are shocked and reeling and we know that when that shock begins to fade, there will be a massive need for trauma counseling and mental health support for many, including civil society leaders, who will need to show up for their communities and lead long-term efforts even as they deal with their own trauma.


NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief

“Four urgent NATAN initiatives define our immediate response.

  • Medical
    Some residents from the Gaza envelope have been relocated within Israel, in remote settings that lack medical services. In one center, NATAN has established a medical clinic, where physician volunteers care for patients 16 hours a day. The clinic is run in collaboration with the CLALIT Health Service and supervised by the Regional Medical director.
  • Psychosocial and Trauma Support
    NATAN teams are mentoring youth movement counselors working with children and teenagers displaced from their homes and temporarily relocated to a village near Jerusalem, to address the extreme trauma these young people have witnessed. Dr. Eitan Shachar, who leads NATAN’s Psychosocial Team, has returned to Ofakim, which suffered devastating casualties and heavy damages. Traumatized residents have overwhelmed the Municipal Resilience Center there; NATAN is recruiting social workers for home visits, knocking on every door to offer assistance.
  • Support for Police
    Policemen and -women – the heroes of this tragedy – confronted the terrorists before the IDF deployment. They witnessed unspeakable violence and atrocities, including the deaths and grave injuries of friends and colleagues. At the request of the Police Department, NATAN is providing trauma support to Police Officers.”



“HIAS has operated in Israel since 1950, and over the years has helped generations of Jews and others fleeing persecution to find safe haven in the country. Based on this decades-long legacy, HIAS is launching emergency operations, both directly and through partners, to serve populations affected by the recent violence. While both the conflict and ensuing humanitarian needs are dynamic, HIAS will follow its well-established emergency response protocol, focusing on meeting the needs of displaced and other crisis-affected people with interventions such as:

  • Supporting displaced families with basic needs, including non-food items such as hygiene supplies, blankets, school supplies, or dignity kits.
  • Providing cash and voucher assistance to those affected by the crisis, especially those currently displaced from their homes.
  • Offering Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, including support for children to help them renew a sense of normalcy and connection.”


Emergency Response: Unrecognized Arab Villages in the Negev

There are over 40 Bedouin villages in the Negev with over 200,000 residents. With little support from the Israeli government in the best of times, some have been hit by Hamas rockets and are struggling with supplies. Donations to the Regional Council for Unrecognized Arab Villages in the Negev via the New Israel Fund will assist volunteers organizing supply convoys of water, food, first aid and construction materials.


Soroka Medical Center

Located in Be’er Sheva, Soroka Medical Center is the only major hospital in the Negev region. Over the last several days, the hospital has already treated over 700 patients, at least 130 of whom are in critical condition. Donations can be made through American Friends of Soroka Medical Center. 


Dror Israel Emergency Response

Dror Israel is an education focused non-profit striving for a just, equal and democratic Israel. With schools closing, reservists being called up and thousands of children traumatized, Dror Israel is working to support evacuees, assist with day care for children of hospital workers and other essential staff and provide support to children and families impacted by the attacks. 


United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah of Israel is the largest fully volunteer Emergency Medical Service organization that stands out for its fast response times, often providing vital care before an ambulance arrives. The group has launched an emergency appeal for desperately needed supplies and equipment as they continue to respond to provide support in southern Israel.


Israel Democracy HQ – Emergency Assistance Fund for Residents of the South

Democracy HQ and member organizations of the pro-democracy protest movement are uniting to support the people of Israel during this war. The groups have established a central assistance center to connect host families with families from the south of the country, provide transportation services from the fighting line to safe areas, a food convoy to hospitals, protective gear for soldiers and more.



Gisha is an Israeli legal advocacy group that works to support international law and the rights and freedoms of Gaza residents through both direct legal case support and political advocacy. They are continuing to press for emergency medical and humanitarian supplies to be delivered to Gaza and to push for all parties to uphold international law. 


Physicians for Human Rights Israel

PHRI is an Israeli advocacy and direct aid group with a mission to advocate for human rights, equal access to healthcare and free healthcare for all – including marginalized communities and Bedouin communities in the Negev. Their emergency response is supporting direct medical aid to communities evacuated from southern Israel, including kibbutz evacuees and migrant workers, among other urgent needs.



The US based pro-democracy advocacy group UnXeptable is working to support Israelis stranded in the United States who can’t fly home. Pro-democracy supporters across the United States are opening their homes to host Israelis in need in the United States. 

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