Myths & Facts:
Our Endorsed Candidates

MYTH: J Street supports anti-Israel political candidates.

J Street supports political candidates who support Israeli security and peace in the Middle East.

To be eligible for JStreetPAC endorsement, a political candidate must demonstrate that they support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, active US leadership to help end the conflict, the special relationship between the US and Israel, continued aid to the Palestinian Authority and opposition to the Boycott/Divestment/Sanction movement.

In evaluating candidates for endorsement, we interview both the candidates and their opponents about their views on issues related to American policy toward Israel and the Middle East. The PAC does not interview candidates about any other issue, and its endorsement should not read to imply support for their positions on any other issue.

MYTH: J Street endorsees don’t support Iron Dome.

Hours before the Congress adjourned for the August recess there was a vote w no debate for an emergency appropriation of 250 million dollars to Israel to support Iron Dome. It passed w near unanimous support w some folks missing the vote and 8 (some dems and some Rs) voting against. 3 of the 8 no votes were Keith Ellison (D, MN), Zoe Lofgren (D, CA), and Walter Jones (R, NC.) all of whom are endorsed by JStreetPAC. All of the 73 other JStreetPAC endorsed Congressman that were present voted for the appropriation.

Our position: J Street strongly supports US aid to Israel and Iron Dome including this emergency appropriation. We lobby on its behalf and encourage all Members of Congress (endorsed or not) to vote for it.

One of our core principles for our endorsements is that the candidates support aid to Israel.

Our take on the no vote from our endorsees: Ellison, Lofgren, and Jones have consistently supported aid to Israel and Iron Dome. They also have been strong advocates for a two state solution and US diplomatic leadership in the region.

We would love for all Members of Congress (and particularly our endorsees) to vote in line with our policy 100% of the time and we will continue to advocate that they do.

These Members have made statements on their reasoning behind this particular vote and we have been in touch with their offices letting them know our position.

MYTH: J Street represents Labor or another Israeli political party in the US.

J Street is an American organization that works within American politics to advocate for bold, US leadership to achieve a two-state solution and a regional comprehensive peace in the Middle East. We do not represent or affiliate with any Israeli political party.

We are happy to engage with any Israeli leaders about the importance of a strong relationship with Israel and the American Jewish community. We represent a very large and growing segment of the American Jewish community, and believe that Israeli leaders’ engagement with this constituency is crucial to the health of Israel’s relationship with the Diaspora and to ensuring a long-term base of support for Israel in the United States.

Dozens of Knesset Members have spoken at our national conferences, representing parties from Likud and Shas to Labor and Meretz. The breadth of this representation by Israeli leaders speaks to recognition across the Israeli political spectrum and the importance of engaging with the pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy Americans that J Street represents.

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