Statehood: The Pathway to Peace

J Street is urging President Biden to boldly state America’s readiness to recognize a demilitarized state of Palestine as the centerpiece of a comprehensive regional diplomatic initiative.

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About J Street

J Street organizes pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans to promote US policies that embody our deeply held Jewish and democratic values and that help secure the State of Israel as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people. We believe that only a negotiated resolution agreed to by Israelis and Palestinians can meet the legitimate needs and national aspirations of both peoples.

Working in the American political system, in the Jewish community and with others with whom we share core values, we advocate for diplomacy-first American leadership and policies that advance justice, equality, peace, and democracy in Israel, in the wider region and in the United States as well.

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Pentagon Official Arrives in Israel Amid Fears of Iranian Attack, The New York Times
A day after President Biden warned that Iran was threatening a “significant” attack, the top American military commander for the Middle East, Gen. Michael E. Kurilla, arrived in Israel. The general went to coordinate with Israel on what is expected to be imminent retaliatory action by Iran, as well as to discuss the war in Gaza, Defense Department officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Israelis Remain Pessimistic on Future of Country’s Security, Democracy, Times of Israel
84% of Jews overall — 87% of left-wing and centrist Jews, and 84% of right-wing Jews — believe that the policies of the Israeli government toward Hamas in recent years made it easier for the terror group to carry out the October 7 massacres.

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