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J Street U is the student organizing arm of J Street, the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy Americans.

J Street U educates students about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and America’s role in promoting peace. J Street U provides a home for students to hold nuanced views without compromising their pro-Israel values. We equip students to find their political voice and to take action on their college campuses, in their Jewish communities, and on Capitol Hill.

By educating, training, and mobilizing students, we are building the mainstream pro-Israel movement on college campuses nationwide. J Street U is the next generation of leaders who will advocate for American foreign policy that represents their core values.

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Student Op-Eds

A letter to the Jewish community: It's time to speak out about what's going on in Israel

Lauren Haines in The Michigan Daily

Israel, Palestine, and Democracy: Thoughts from Clark's J Street Chapter

Mica Sherf in The Scarlet

The Israeli government must be held accountable to progressive values, by Michael Farrell-Rosen

Maize Cline and Georgia Turman in the Brown Daily Herald

On Israel: Democrats need to break the silence in 2020

By Eddie Ives

Annexation would make the occupation permanent. For millions of Americans who view Israel as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, these moves are troubling and require further attention, especially as it relates to U.S. involvement...

Trump’s so-called peace plan for Israel and Palestine hinders progress

Zachary Federman

"The proposal green-lights Israeli annexation of all settlements in the West Bank and much of the Jordan Valley. It also places nearly complete jurisdiction of municipal Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty..."

West Bank Annexation would be a bad move for Israel

Michael Berkowitz and Arielle Imber

"As the Israeli government moves closer and closer to annexing vast swaths of the West Bank — a move that could proceed any day now — the pair of us helped organize a joint letter from student leaders calling on the entire..."


Moriah Richman

"Codifying this anti-Semitism definition is divisive, just when we must unite, among ourselves and with our allies, against acts of hate."

Op-ed: A New Crisis in Gaza

Shoshana Weinstein, Aaron Lev, and Cora Galpern

While many parts of the world are now experiencing emotional darkness and instability, Israeli occupied territory is uniquely vulnerable to a coronavirus outbreak.

J Street U on Antisemitism -- Rejecting Weaponization, Embracing Solidarity

J Street U

"We have come of age in a world where incidents of antisemitism are on the rise, and we know too well the reality of attending vigil after vigil for members of our Jewish communities whose lives were lost to acts of baseless hatred."

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No Aid to Occupation

J Street U is building support for legislation around aid use restrictions on college campuses and among young people nationwide, with the aim of influencing key decision-makers.