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J Street U is the student organizing arm of J Street, the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy Americans.

J Street U educates students about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and America’s role in promoting peace. J Street U provides a home for students to hold nuanced views without compromising their pro-Israel values. We equip students to find their political voice and to take action on their college campuses, in their Jewish communities, and on Capitol Hill.

By educating, training, and mobilizing students, we are building the mainstream pro-Israel movement on college campuses nationwide. J Street U is the next generation of leaders who will advocate for American foreign policy that represents their core values.

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Student Op-Eds

I’m a Jewish college student. I wish external activists were promoting education, not confrontation

Lauren Haines in The Forward

Lauren takes on the perspectives of Noa Tishby and Natan Sharansky, who frame college campuses as a "second front" in the war between israel and Hamas. She calls for dialogue, noting that "You don’t go to college to fight — you go to learn.

BDS Resolutions and the Empathy Gap on College Campuses

Rachel Burnett in Times of Israel

In the context of the passage of a BDS resolution on her campus, Rachel argues for compassion, mutual understanding, and dialogue, in the place of the myopia and sloganeering that took over UCLA.

The Hypocrisy of Antisemites 'Fighting' Antisemitism

Meirav Solomon in Times of Israel

Meirav catalogues instances of right wing politicians like Ron DeSantis and Elise Stefanik, who have in the past tolerated or embraced antisemitism, seeking to stifle discourse on Israel/Palestine in the wake of the war. She advocates for f

Jews and Palestinians Deserve a Left that Values Their Full Humanity

Joseph Hillyard

Joseph describes the polarization he sees on his campus and in his community, identifying unwillingness in Jewish and progressive circles to identify with and advocate for both Israelis and Palestinians. He names civil society organizations

Dear Jewish College Students...

Meirav Solomon in Times of Israel

The daughter of rabbis and a "proud conservative Jew" Meirav speaks to the pain and confusion that Jewish college students are feeling in this moment. She also urges them to hold "multiple truths" and make room for the grief and stories of

My Black and Jewish background has made me uniquely equipped to acknowledge the multiple truths of the Israel-Hamas war

Joseph Hillyard in the Forward

Having grown up in a multi-racial family, Joseph shares his perspective on how historical trauma has informed the conflict and how we need advocacy that acknowledges the shared humanity of Israelis and Palestinians.

Your turn: American college students share how the Israel-Gaza war is affecting life on campus

Meirav Solomon and Michael Farrell Rosen in The Forward

Meirav and Michael share accounts of the confusion and strife on their campuses, and how J Street U communities and events are helping to bring people together and heal rifts.

Let students speak for themselves on Israel and Hamas. We don’t need outside groups to doxx or threaten anyone

Rachel Burnett in the LA Times

No college student, even those we vehemently disagree with, should be subjected to doxxing or harassment for their views on the crisis. Preventing meaningful discussion makes students, many of whom are already reeling, less safe.

West Bank Annexation would be a bad move for Israel

Michael Berkowitz and Arielle Imber

"As the Israeli government moves closer and closer to annexing vast swaths of the West Bank — a move that could proceed any day now — the pair of us helped organize a joint letter from student leaders calling on the entire..."

Op-ed: A New Crisis in Gaza

Shoshana Weinstein, Aaron Lev, and Cora Galpern

While many parts of the world are now experiencing emotional darkness and instability, Israeli occupied territory is uniquely vulnerable to a coronavirus outbreak.

J Street U on Antisemitism -- Rejecting Weaponization, Embracing Solidarity

J Street U

"We have come of age in a world where incidents of antisemitism are on the rise, and we know too well the reality of attending vigil after vigil for members of our Jewish communities whose lives were lost to acts of baseless hatred."

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No Aid to Occupation

J Street U is building support for legislation around aid use restrictions on college campuses and among young people nationwide, with the aim of influencing key decision-makers.