J Street Values and Code of Conduct

Guided by our Jewish and democratic values, J Street works daily to cultivate and advance an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work, volunteer and congregate in a professional atmosphere that promotes respect and that prohibits discriminatory practices and abusive behavior, including harassment.

Therefore, J Street expects that all interactions and relationships among persons in the workplace and within J Street hosted spaces will be respectful, professional, and free of bias, prejudice, bullying and harassment.

J Street:

  • Recognizes that no community, including our own, is immune from bias and misconduct;
  • Embraces our ethical responsibility to honor the dignity of every individual who enters J Street’s space;
  • Asserts the need for individuals, whether professional, volunteer or participant, to help prevent and respond to discrimination, bullying, and harassment;
  • Elevates the necessity for all targets of discrimination, bullying, and abuse to have a safe, confidential and accessible method to lodge their claims;
  • Affirms the need to respond swiftly and responsibly to reported incidents of discrimination, bullying, or harassment;
  • Ensures that all claims are properly investigated and handled in an impartial and non-retaliatory manner;
  • Emphasizes that witnesses to abuse and discrimination are encouraged to speak up rather than stand idly by;
  • Prioritizes the well-being of targets of abuse, including creating environments where they can safely and comfortably speak out and take steps to have their needs met;
  • Strives to foster organizational and communal cultures where all individuals have equal opportunities for hiring and advancement as professionals and volunteers;
  • Believes that transparency and accountability are essential elements of healthy organizations and communities; and
  • Seeks to effect change at the leadership, organizational and community-wide levels to do everything possible to guarantee that all workplaces and communal spaces are safe, respectful and equitable for all.

If any individual is found in violation of J Street’s values and code of conduct, J Street reserves the right to refuse such individual admission and/ or participation rights, and to remove such individual from any J Street event, gathering or communal space.

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