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The J Street Policy Center is the “policy shop” of the pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy movement, producing original analysis and other resources to inform and educate elected officials, policymakers and advocates on issues related to US policy toward Israel, Palestine and the broader Middle East. A program of the 501(c)(3) J Street Education Fund, the Policy Center is committed to convening and amplifying the work of diverse experts who endeavor to drive forward, rather than merely describe the challenges to, diplomacy and conflict resolution in the region.

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Tracking the Netanyahu Government: A Record of Far-Right Actions

The J Street Policy Center tracks the far-right policies of the Netanyahu government, covering occupation/annexation, assaults on democracy, discrimination, religious coercion, and more.

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Check out our resources for congressional staff, including information on our delegations to the region, explainers, and relevant video content.

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Advisory Council

Mort Halperin, Chair
Joe Cirincione
Toby Gati
Jon Greenwald
Sylvia Kaplan
Anthony Lake
Frank Lowenstein
Dr. Daniel Serwer
Henry Steiner
Dr. Paula Stern
Jon Wolfsthal
Dr. Carol Winograd

Membership on the J Street Policy Center Advisory Council does not constitute endorsement or agreement with any policy or position of the center or of J Street by the member or any of the organizations with which they are employed or affiliated.