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J Street Young Leaders Network Virtual Happy Hour

What role can Congress play in advancing new initiatives to halt creeping annexation? Will President Biden follow through on his pledge to return to the JCPOA in order to diplomatically restrain Iran's nuclear program? Is there any clarity on possible next steps to dial back other dangerous military escalation and adventurism in the region? At J Street's conference this year, policy experts, activists on the ground, congressional leadership, and Biden administration officials all proclaimed a new day for Middle East policy in Washington. With Democrats sympathetic to J Street's vision in control of Congress and the White House, political space has finally opened up for fresh approaches to the Middle East, but the new pro-Israel playbook remains untested, and policymakers face an array of other crises on the domestic and international front that demand immediate attention. Join the J Street Young Leaders Network on Wednesday, May 19 at 5:30pm for a conversation with Zach Spitz, J Street's Government Affairs Associate, to take advantage of this political moment and simple actions you can take to help.


The J Street Young Leaders Network is a national organizing cohort whose members work on the political, legislative and communal fronts to advance diplomacy and progressive Israel-related policies and principles.


This program is open to young adults (22-35) committed to achieving a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians that ends the occupation and ensures the right of both peoples to self-determination.


Because our Jewish and progressive values compel us to strive for Israeli-Palestinian peace and to work toward the realization of the promise of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, guaranteeing justice and equality to all its its inhabitants.


We’ll hold monthly meetings and trainings, virtually and in person. Working with top thought leaders and changemakers, we will build our progressive network, advance the goals of our movement and develop our skill set in three areas of J Street’s work: legislative, political and communal.

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