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Since our founding, J Street has regularly commissioned polls to keep track of American Jewish public opinion on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The respected polling firm GBA strategies has conducted these polls, including polls of American Jewish voters on every election night since 2010. This large body of data makes clear that American Jews consistently and overwhelmingly support pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy policies and the tough diplomacy needed to solve problems in the Middle East.

Political Preferences

Hawkish groups often claim that the Jewish vote is liable to swing heavily based on voters concerns about Israel. Yet year after year, the same large majority of American Jews supports the Democratic party – and only a very small number of Jewish voters rank Israel as one of their top priority voting issues.

American Jewish party choice for Congress:

Top 2 priority voting issues:

Election Issue 1 Percentage Issue 2 Percentage
2010 The economy 62% Healthcare 31%
2012 The economy 53% Healthcare 32%
2014 The economy 44% Healthcare 31%
2016 The economy 35% Healthcare, ISIS & terrorism (tie) 27%
2018 Healthcare 43% Gun violence 28%
2020 Pandemic 54% Climate change 26%
2022 State of Democracy 55% Abortion 40%

Percentage choosing Israel as one of their top-two voting issues:

Year Israel as a top-two voting issue
2010 7%
2012 10%
2014 8%
2016 9%
2018 4%
2020 5%
2022 4%

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