2020 Election Night Polling

Since 2010, J Street has conducted Election Day polling of the American Jewish community. Despite an election season that was atypical in every way, the results of this year’s poll was largely consistent with previous findings: American Jews remain overwhelmingly liberal and supportive of Democratic approaches to domestic and foreign policy. 

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of American Jews voted for Joe Biden and the Democratic party in the 2020 election, decisively rejecting appeals for their support from Donald Trump and handing Republicans their worst presidential election performance with Jewish voters since 2008.

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The Jewish Vote

77% of Jewish voters cast their ballot for Joe Biden.

And 78% voted for a Democratic member of Congress.

54% cited the pandemic as one of their top two issues this election. 5% included Israel in their top two issues.

Views on Israel & Palestine


See the poll results for full parameters provided to respondents.

Most Jewish voters agree that you can be critical of the Israeli government’s policies while still being ‘pro-Israel.’

The vast majority support a two-state solution roughly along the parameters laid out by Secretary Kerry and the Obama administration:

And they continue to support the US playing an active role in helping to resolve the conflict.

Previous Election Night Polling

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