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Pelosi, Schumer, Van Hollen and Jayapal to Speak at J Street’s National Gala

Taking place on the evening of Monday, October 28 at the Washington Convention Center, the Gala is part of J...

30 Organizations Sign Joint Letter to NDAA Conferees on ‘No Unauthorized War with Iran’ Amendment

As pro-diplomacy organizations that oppose unauthorized war with Iran, we call on the National Defense Authorization Act conferees to retain...

Congress Must Make Clear: Neither Trump Nor Saudi Arabia Can Authorize US War With Iran

President Trump needs a reminder that neither he nor Mohammed Bin Salman have the authority to take the United States...

Progressive Israel Network Opposes Netanyahu’s Annexation Pledge

Any step to unilaterally impose Israeli sovereignty over Palestinian people and territory in the West Bank is a step away...

Congress, Presidential Candidates Must Make Clear: Netanyahu’s Unacceptable Annexations Would Bring Major Consequences for US-Israel Relationship

These actions would destroy Israeli democracy and constitute a flagrant violation of international law.

American Jews Are Loyal to our Jewish and Democratic Values — Not to Trump and His Allies

It is dangerous and shameful for President Trump to attack the large majority of the American Jewish community as unintelligent...

Ambassador Friedman’s Cheering for the Ban of US Congresswomen Is Outrageous, Unprecedented and Must Be Addressed

It is outrageous and unprecedented for an American ambassador to use his position to cheer an allied nation’s ban of...

Netanyahu’s Denial of Entry to Omar and Tlaib is Dangerous and Wrong

As sitting members of Congress representing hundreds of thousands of Americans in their districts, Reps. Omar and Tlaib have the...

J Street Appalled By West Bank Terror Attack on Israeli Soldier

Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and loved ones in this time of mourning and grief.

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