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J Street Expresses Deep Sympathy Over Hostage Deaths, Urges Renewed Approach

We hope that another negotiated effort can be made to seek a formula for a break in the fighting to...


Lawmakers who believe that US law should be enforced should support this amendment.

Moment of Truth for Israel’s Government: Either Heed Biden Administration Limits Or Lose U.S. Support for Military Operation

This is a moment of truth for the US-Israel relationship.

J Street Welcomes the Biden Administration’s Announcement of Visa Restrictions against Perpetrators of Settler Violence

J Street commends the Biden Administration for announcing the implementation of visa restrictions against extremist settlers who have committed acts...

J Street Statement on Passage of House Resolution that States Unequivocally that All Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

Congress should avoid false generalizations and focus on taking practical, meaningful actions to fight the rise in antisemitism.

As Humanitarian Pause Nears End, US Must Demand Change in Israeli Tactics and Must Not Provide a Blank Check for Netanyahu

Our goal at J Street is clear – safety and peace for Israelis and Palestinians in states of their own....

J Street Welcomes Hostage Release and Pause in Fighting; Urges US to Set Red Lines for Netanyahu

J Street welcomes the agreement, approved last night by the Israeli government, that when implemented in full will include the...

Heavy-Handed GOP-Authored Antisemitism Amendment Would Undercut Serious Efforts to Confront Campus Antisemitism

At a time when concerns and fears about rising antisemitism are justifiably running high, the amendment introduced by Rep. Lawler...

J Street Welcomes Senators’ Important Questions to Biden on Israel-Hamas War, Supplemental Military Assistance

J Street welcomes a critically important new letter to President Biden from the majority of the Senate Democratic caucus, which...