J Street Condemns Iran’s Retaliatory Attack on Israel, Urges De-escalation

April 14, 2024

J Street is deeply alarmed by the unprecedented attack launched by Iran on Israel this Saturday involving a volley of hundreds of missiles and drones. Terrifying scenes unfolded as projectiles were shot down in the skies above major Israeli cities while civilians rushed to shelters. We condemn the attack and are profoundly thankful that US-funded missile defense systems and Israeli, US, UK and Jordanian interception efforts prevented a far worse situation.

J Street is concerned about the risk of further escalation – which threatens to spiral into a catastrophic regional war – and is encouraged by President Biden’s close attention and efforts to de-escalate and deter further strikes. Last night’s retaliatory attack followed a strike earlier this month, reportedly by Israel, which killed over a dozen people, including several Iranian military leaders, at the Iranian consulate in Damascus. We note that Iranian representatives have signaled their intention to take no further retaliatory steps.

“We spent the night deeply worried for staff, family and loved ones in Israel and express our deepest hope for the full and speedy recovery of the 7-year-old Bedouin girl who suffered serious injuries. Our community is deeply thankful for President Biden’s sound judgment and ironclad commitment to Israel’s security,” J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami said.

“President Biden’s strategy of deterrence, diplomacy and de-escalation is the right one, and may well have prevented this retaliatory attack from being far worse. Now, the president must ensure a line is drawn under this round of retaliation. We must resist hawkish, reactionary voices pressing for continued escalating conflict with Iran, which is in neither America nor Israel’s interests. We need cooler heads to prevail. We need to find an offramp. We also need to turn down the burner on the entire region by bringing the fighting in Gaza to an end and getting hostages out and aid relief in.”