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We need to stop the erasure of Palestinians on organized trips to Israel.

As a movement of young Jewish Americans, J Street U is committed to promoting a just and peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians through a two-state solution.

We believe in the importance of traveling to Israel to engage with and learn more about its people, culture, and history. We know we are privileged to be offered the opportunity to travel to Israel for free through programs like Birthright.

We also know that the omission and erasure of Palestinian perspectives and narratives on these trips creates a political environment that allows home demolitions, settlement expansion, and other destructive policies of occupation to continue unchallenged.

To be consistent with our progressive Jewish values, organized educational trips for young American Jews must present a robust, nuanced and honest view of the current realities on the ground in Israel and the Palestinian Territory. In addition to a wide range of Israeli perspectives, they must include Palestinian voices who can speak to the realities of life under occupation.

That’s why we’re taking the pledge:

The Pledge

“We pledge to only participate in organized trips to Israel that include meaningful engagement with key questions related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the occupation, and the status of minority groups in Israel. We will only participate in trips that include meetings with both Israelis and Palestinians and that show participants how the occupation impacts the daily lives of Palestinians living beyond the Green Line.”

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The Trip

To model what this kind of educational trip can and should look like, J Street U led its own trip for American Jewish college students to Israel and the Palestinian territory this summer.

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