Let Our People Know

We need to stop the erasure of Palestinians on organized trips to Israel.

Building Momentum

In 2019 J Street U launched our “Let Our People Know” campaign with the direct goal of highlighting the omission and erasure of Palestinian voices on organized Jewish trips to Israel. We asked university students from across the country to sign a pledge and re-consider joining organized trips to Israel that intentionally exclude Palestinian narratives from their trip itineraries.

Creating the Change

In the summer of 2019, we set out to show what organized trips to Israel can and should look like. Our model trip provided an in-depth and nuanced educational experience that reflected our commitment to human dignity for Palestinians and Israelis alike. Participants walked away from the trip with a deeper understanding and meaningful connection to Israel as the democratic homeland for the Jewish people.

As part of a follow-up to our model trip, J Street currently runs a series of one-day LOPK trips per year for students visiting or living in Israel to join.

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The Pledge

“We pledge to only participate in organized trips to Israel that include meaningful engagement with key questions related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the occupation, and the status of minority groups in Israel. We will only participate in trips that include meetings with both Israelis and Palestinians and that show participants how the occupation impacts the daily lives of Palestinians living beyond the Green Line.”

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The Trip

To model what this kind of educational trip can and should look like, J Street U led its own trip for American Jewish college students to Israel and the Palestinian territory this summer.

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