Our Impact

JStreetPAC’s work in the 2016 election cycle demonstrates the political space that exists for a Middle East policy that puts diplomacy first – even in a challenging electoral environment.

● JStreetPAC distributed a record $3.6 million to its 124 endorsed candidates for Congress, making it the largest pro-Israel PAC for the fifth cycle running.

● 99% of JStreetPAC-endorsed members of Congress won reelection and not a single incumbent Iran deal supporter was unseated by a deal detractor.

● JStreetPAC was a top bundler in key Senate battlegrounds, raising over $200,000 each for endorsees in Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

● JStreetPAC was a lead supporter of Tammy Duckworth in her successful effort to unseat Congress’ most persistent Iran deal obstructionist, Mark Kirk.

● The 115th Congress will include 99 JStreetPAC endorsees in the House, comprising over half of the House Democratic Caucus, and 19 endorsees in the Senate.

● JStreetPAC was responsible for over 45 percent of pro-Israel PAC money raised for candidates this election cycle.

Record Fundraising Success

JStreetPAC surpassed not only its previous records, but even its targets – raising over $3.6 million for 124 endorsed candidates in the House and Senate. That included over $200 thousand in contributions in five of the most fiercely contested-Senate races.

This made JStreetPAC once again the largest pro-Israel PAC in the country. The PAC endorsed over half of the House Democratic caucus, and key congressional leaders like Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Rep. Xavier Becerra, Assistant Democratic Leader Rep. Jim Clyburn and Sen. Patty Murray, the highest-ranking woman in the Senate.

TV and Digital Ads

J Street launched over $750,000 of television and digital ads to go to bat for the merits of the Iran nuclear agreement in several key Senate races. In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, TV ads showed how Republicans Pat Toomey and Ron Johnson stood with extremists like Donald Trump to oppose the agreement, while a huge roster of US and Israeli experts supported it. Similar digital ads in Illinois and New Hampshire took the offense against prominent hawks Mark Kirk and Kelly Ayotte.

Direct Mail

Direct mail sent to voters in Illinois, New Hampshire and Wisconsin highlighted the virtues of J Street endorsees and their commitment to diplomacy-first foreign policy to resolve conflicts and keep Americans and our allies safe. That formed a stark contrast with their opponents who did everything they could to undermine the Iran nuclear agreement – while presenting no alternative plan to keep nuclear weapons out of Iranian hands.

Staff Embedding with Campaigns

J Street expanded a practice begun in the 2014 cycle by sending 13 members of our staff to spend the week before Election Day embedded on the campaigns of nine different J Street endorsees in competitive House races around the country. These hotly-contested campaigns needed all the extra help they could get in the run-up to Election Day, and our staff pitched in by knocking doors, making calls, coordinating events and drafting communications. In the process, they built relationships and showed several of our endorsees just how committed we are to helping them to victory.

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