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On Thursday, May 17, we assembled in homes, synagogues and online to hear from experts, launch community discussions and mobilize to respond to the horrific events of the past week and mobilize to restore sanity to America's foreign policy.

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About J Street

J Street organizes and mobilizes pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans who want Israel to be secure, democratic and the national home of the Jewish people. Working in American politics and the Jewish community, we advocate policies that advance shared US and Israeli interests as well as Jewish and democratic values, leading to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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What Is the Gaza Fence and Why Has It Set Off Protests Against Israel?, The New York Times

“A snaking metal fence that divides the Gaza Strip from Israel has become the latest focal point in a generations-long conflict between Arabs and Jews in the area….What are the fence’s origins and purpose in separating Gaza, a 25-mile-long, five-mile-wide Mediterranean coastal enclave where nearly two million Palestinians live? Is the fence recognized as an international border? And how has Israel justified deadly force to stop mostly unarmed Palestinians from breaching it?”

The Perils of Giving Israel What It Wants, The New Republic

Eric Cortellessa writes, “[I]f Trump is uncritically enabling the Likud Party agenda, he may hurt Israel in the long run. Israelis may well be grateful Trump gave them something they’ve deeply wanted for a long time, and with no ‘give and take,’ as Friedman told reporters last Friday. But the Trump administration’s incantations about peace, as split images of the ceremony on TV screens showed Gazans storming the Israel-Gaza barrier, are not the same as an actual improvement in security. Nor do they provide any real reason to believe this White House is creating the conditions for Israelis and Palestinians to have a better future. With tensions escalating in Gaza and Abbas recalling his envoy to Washington on Tuesday, all signs suggest it is doing the exact opposite.”

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