2022 Election Polling

Since 2010, J Street has conducted Election Day polling of the American Jewish community. Despite an election season that was atypical in every way, the results of this year’s poll was largely consistent with previous findings: American Jews remain overwhelmingly liberal and supportive of Democratic approaches to domestic and foreign policy. The one major change is that “the state of democracy” now sits at the top of election concerns for American Jewish voters.

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of American Jews voted for the Democratic party in the 2022 election, decisively rejecting appeals for their support from right-wing organizations.

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The Jewish Vote

74% voted for a Democratic member of Congress.

55% cited

72% disapprove of AIPAC endorsing and fundraising for candidates that voted against certifying the 2020 election.

97% are concerned about antisemitism in the United States.

76% believe Donald Trump and his allies in the Republican party are directly responsible for the rise in antisemitism and white supremacy in the United States.

74% believe Donald Trump and the MAGA movement are a threat to Jews.

71% support returning to the Iran nuclear deal


See the poll results for full parameters provided to respondents.

Views on Israel and Palestine

People often talk about being “pro-Israel.” Do you think someone can be critical of Israeli government policies and still be “pro-Israel?”

Do you support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict roughly along the parameters laid out by Secretary Kerry and the Obama administration?

Do you support or oppose the United States playing an active role in helping the parties to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Previous Election Night Polling

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