Patricia Gordon MD (Harvard ’78, UCLA School of Medicine ’82, Cedars-Sinai Internship ’84) was a radiation oncologist for 27 years. She was a partner at Beverly Hills Radiation Oncology.

Her commitment to saving women’s lives in the developing world has brought her to an additional career as an international women’s health advocate. She founded CureCervicalCancer, which trains local healthcare professionals to screen and treat women for precervical cancer. The organization has established 106 sustainable and ongoing CureCervicalCancer clinics in 10 countries around the globe, screening more than 170,000 women and treating nearly 10,000 women for pre-cervical cancer. In 2021 she was voted a CNN Top 10 Hero of the Year.

She helped to establish the JStreet Len Hill Congressional Delegation to Israel, which was one of her late husband’s last wishes.

She is the proud mother of three adult children, Lindsey, Allie and Ben. She has five grandchildren whom she simply cannot get enough of.

She lives in Hancock Park in Los Angeles California.