When Jeremy Took On The RJC

Jessica Rosenblum Image
Jessica Rosenblum
on March 11, 2016

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If you missed the livestream of Jeremy Ben-Ami’s debate with Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks, we’ve got the full video for you here.

And in case you don’t have an hour on your hands to watch the full debate (we get it, House of Cards just hit Netflix), we’ve pulled a couple key, short clips for you.

Over and over again, Matt Brooks tried to make the point that J Street’s policies are naive and put us at odds with the mainstream of the Jewish community. But as these clips show, it’s rightwing hawks like the RJC and the candidates it supports that are increasingly out of touch with reality outside the mainstream of the American Jewish community.

On the Iran Deal

On the Settlements

On Palestinians

On Donald Trump

Please enjoy.

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