Congress Speaks Out on Ongoing Escalation in Israel and the Palestinian Territory


Sen. Tammy Baldwin (WI)

The ongoing and escalating violence between Israelis and Palestinians must stop if we want to achieve the goal of having both sides live together in peace, freedom, security, and prosperity. I condemn the indiscriminate rocket attacks by Hamas and other militants groups, and I denounce Israeli provocations like the threats of forced evictions of Palestinians from their homes and Israeli security forces entering Al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan. Provocation and violence will not solve the problem, it will only makes things worse and put peace further out of reach. I believe the Biden Administration needs to take proactive and decisive steps to address this escalating violence, including the appointment of a dedicated Special Envoy to help de-escalate this crisis and secure an urgent ceasefire. We must do all we can to help get Israelis and Palestinians on the path towards peace. [View on Facebook]

Sen. Michael Bennet (CO)

The violence in Jerusalem is unacceptable, and I strongly condemn Hamas’ barrage of rocket attacks into Israel. Jerusalem holds sacred significance to Jews, Muslims, and Christians — acts of violence will only impede efforts to establish enduring peace. I share concerns about unilateral actions that threaten a negotiated two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. All parties must refrain from further provocations, and I urge Israeli and Palestinian officials to renounce violence and de-escalate tensions immediately. [View on Facebook]

Sen. Cory Booker (NJ), Richard Blumenthal (CT) and Bob Casey (PA)

“We grieve with the innocent Palestinians and Israelis who have lost their loved ones to this recent cycle of violence. Israel should not have to endure more than 1,600 rocket attacks by a terrorist organization, Hamas, which brutalizes the Palestinian people and targets Israelis with unceasing violence. Israel has the right to defend itself from these terrorist attacks and we urge Israeli leadership to strive to minimize harm to civilians to the maximum extent possible. We also recognize that Palestinians have been residents of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan neighborhoods of Jerusalem for generations. We support the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision to delay ruling on the removal of six Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem. This conflict will not be solved through violence and it must stop. We welcome Secretary Blinken’s announcement that a senior American diplomat will be headed to the Middle East to urge de-escalation. This moment demands a recommitment to dialogue from Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and a renewed commitment to a two-state solution that affirms Israel’s safety, security and right to exist as a Jewish state and the human dignity, human rights, safety and self-determination of the Palestinian people.” [View on Sen. Booker’s website]

Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH)

The horrific events unfolding in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank are heartbreaking. The Administration and regional partners need to make de-escalation a priority before more lives are lost. Israeli violence against Palestinians protesting the #SheikhJarrah evictions, the assault on Al-Aqsa worshipers during Ramadan, and Hamas’s indiscriminate rocket attacks are ALL unacceptable. Escalatory violence is not the answer and will not end in peace – just dead civilians. [View on Twitter]

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (IL)

I fully support Israel’s right to self-defense, condemn the attacks from Hamas terrorists and am sickened by the ongoing, escalating violence in Israel—as well as the Palestinian territories—that needlessly puts the lives of innocent civilians on both sides at risk. The eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem despite the pandemic and ongoing court case, reports of possibly dozens of civilian casualties including children in Gaza and scenes of violent confrontation between Palestinian protestors and Israeli police are heartbreaking. Escalations of violence are counterproductive to any conversations about peace in the region and renewed fighting will bring nothing but suffering to Israelis and Palestinians alike. Now is the time for all sides to show restraint before this situation spirals even further out of control, and I urge the Biden Administration to continue to work closely with all parties to bring this conflict to a resolution. [View on Sen. Duckworth’s website]

Sen. Dick Durbin (IL)

The heartbreaking violence between the Israeli and Palestinian people is the culmination of decades of neglect and lack of political will to find a lasting peace that provides an independent state for the Palestinians and lasting security for the Israelis. For too long, spoilers on both sides have sought short-term political gains at the expense of this desperately needed solution. I fear further neglect of this issue, combined with a failure to address militarized Hamas and continued Israeli settlement expansion, will doom any chance for an enduring two-state solution. As such, the United States and its allies, including those in the region, need to fully reengage in this dispute and help bring a resolution to the immediate violence and progress toward a long-term peace agreement. Earlier this year, I wrote to Secretary Blinken about these concerns. I know he and President Biden understand the importance of finally addressing these critical needs for our Israeli and Palestinian friends whose children deserve to grow up in peace. [View on Twitter]

Sen. Tim Kaine (VA)

I’m heartsick about escalating violence in Israel. Eviction of Palestinians from their homes during a pandemic, standoffs between Palestinians and Israeli police, Hamas launching rocket attacks cruelly targeting Israeli civilians, Israeli air strikes in Gaza. When will it end? Israel and Palestine need leaders of courage—not governmental stalemate, not canceled elections. And the U.S. must unite with other nations to support meaningful steps toward peace. [View on Twitter]

Sen. Ed Markey (MA)

Palestinians and Israelis deserve peace and safety. The violence must stop and all sides must protect innocent civilians. The Biden Administration should continue being fully engaged to help de-escalate this moment. Plans to force Palestinians from their homes and the raid on Al-Aqsa Mosque have contributed to a spiral of violence that must be de-escalated before more innocent people are hurt and killed. Israel has the right to defend itself from indiscriminate rocket attacks and no one should fear being forcefully evicted from their homes. We need peace. [View on Twitter]

Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ), Sen. Ben Cardin (MD) and Sen. Ron Wyden (OR)

Ongoing rocket attacks from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are terrorism and no country should have to tolerate this kind of threat against its population. Israel has every right to self-defense and we mourn all the innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians who have lost their lives. Israeli and Palestinian political and military leaders must actively discourage any actions that provoke more violence, and the Israeli Police must take steps to lower tensions throughout Jerusalem. Unilateral actions by any party that take us further away from the prospect of a durable peace through direct negotiations must cease. We applaud the decision of the Supreme Court to delay the hearing regarding potential eviction of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

We are committed to sustaining a U.S.-Israel relationship based on shared democratic values and our vital security partnership. We are also committed to continuing to engage Israelis and Palestinians to find ways to live together with peace, freedom, security and dignity; and achieve a two-state solution, as the Biden administration has set out to do following decades of consistent US policy. A sustainable peace that ensures the long-term security of Israel and self-determination for Palestinians is the only viable outcome for the region. As supporters of last year’s Abraham Accords as a way to cement Israel’s permanent place in the region and halt unilateral annexation, we call on all responsible parties to take steps to de-escalate and find ways back to negotiations. [View on Sen. Menendez’s website]

Sen. Jeff Merkley (OR)

The mounting death toll in Israel and Gaza is heartbreaking and both sides must de-escalate for the sake of their own people. Hamas is a terrorist entity, and indiscriminately firing rockets at civilian centers is unforgivable. Israel has a right to defend its citizens. Simultaneously, Israel must reexamine how it deploys its disproportionate power, including its ongoing de facto annexation of Palestinian territory–expanding settlements, expropriating land, and locking Palestinians into second-class existence with few rights or opportunities. The only way to avoid this history repeating itself again and again is a long-term peace process that leads to a two-state solution. Both Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in peace and security, with self-determination and opportunity. [View on Facebook]

Sen. Chris Murphy (CT)

I am increasingly concerned by the widening conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Just days ago, Hamas and its allies escalated this conflict by indiscriminately launching rockets at civilian areas in Israel. These terrorist attacks provoked retaliatory air strikes on Gaza that cost more than 100 lives. I remain deeply concerned about a ground invasion of Gaza. We know that civilians would unfortunately bear the brunt of a ground war, and hundreds if not thousands of people may die,” said Murphy. “Ground operations will not stop the rockets falling on Israel, or solve the fundamental security challenges that Israel faces. Only a ceasefire in the short-term, and a real path to a viable two-state future in the long-term can do that. Right now, mediators are in Israel and Gaza seeking to deescalate the situation. I encourage all sides to agree to a ceasefire as quickly as possible to avert further tragedy and save innocent civilian lives. [View on Sen. Murphy’s website]

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT)

I am extremely concerned by the growing conflict in Israel and Palestine. Once again we are seeing how the irresponsible actions of government-allied right-wing extremists in Jerusalem can escalate quickly into devastating war. Israeli children should not have to spend the night scared in bomb shelters, as many are doing tonight. Palestinian children should not have to grow up under the constant violence and oppression of occupation, as so many do, and have done. The United States must call for an immediate cease-fire and an end to provocative and illegal settlement activity. And we must also recommit to working with Israelis and Palestinians to finally end this conflict. [View on Facebook]

Sen. Chris Van Hollen (MD)

I am deeply concerned about the violence that has engulfed the Israeli and Palestinian people in recent days and the tragic loss of innocent life. This week, escalating tensions in Jerusalem erupted into a full-scale conflict. I endorse Secretary of State Blinken’s call for the immediate de-escalation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas to protect the lives of innocent civilians. Israel is fully within its rights to take measures to defend itself against the rocket assault launched by Hamas terrorists. The latest attacks also underscore the importance of the Iron Dome defense system. “Hamas’s actions only serve to undermine the pursuit of the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people. Both Israelis and Palestinians have a right to live in security, a right to self-determination, and a right to have their human rights protected. “Sadly, we have seen this violent cycle too many times before, and we know it does not resolve the grievances of any side. It only leaves death and destruction in its wake. No parent wants to raise a child in a generation under fire that believes peace is not possible, views a neighbor as an enemy or a threat, or feels their basic humanity is in question. We must all be focused on actions that show the way out of this darkness. The United States and its allies need to work with the parties to end the immediate violence and help create a path toward a future where both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and dignity. I have spoken with U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and others in the Biden Administration about the importance of working to advance these goals. [View on Sen. Van Hollen’s website]

Sen. Raphael Warnock (GA)

The tragic escalation of violence this week in Israel and the Palestinian territories is heartbreaking. I condemn the rocket attacks from Hamas and other groups against Israeli civilians, and support Israel’s right to defend its innocent citizens. Israel has a right to defend itself from terrorism, but it also has an increased duty to prevent the death of Palestinian civilians. I also recognize the deep, legitimate pain and suffering of the Palestinian community. Moreover, I am deeply concerned by actions of politicians and leaders that undermine the potential for a return to final status negotiations and long-term peace. Most Israelis and Palestinians want to live side-by-side in harmony. However, building peace is deeply challenging work, and any steps toward justice can be destroyed overnight. I encourage the Administration to engage quickly and deliberately to act as a convener to reach an immediate cease-fire, protect the lives of civilians who are living in fear, and begin the vital work of building a just and better society for all those in the region. And in the long-term, we must all recommit to working toward a two-state solution that will preserve life and maintain peace. (View on Sen. Warnock’s website)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)

The US must immediately work with our partners to stop Hamas’s rocket attacks and Israel’s airstrikes, then get to work on ending the illegal settlement expansion and impending forced removal of Palestinian families from E. Jerusalem and bringing about a two-state solution. [View on Twitter]



Rep. Don Beyer (VA-8)

Israel’s forced evictions of Palestinians who have long lived in Sheikh Jarrah are unacceptable and must stop. The Administration should take an active role in opposing these illegal actions. Violence can only make the situation worse, and I urge all sides to pursue a peaceful resolution. [View on Facebook]

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (NY-16)

The United States must broker a ceasefire. The violence in Israel and Gaza must end. The situation is escalating. People are sheltered, afraid to go to schools or houses of worship. The stories are heartbreaking. Congress and President Joe Biden must act immediately. No one wins with war. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-7)

First and foremost, my heart goes out to Israelis and Palestinians, both of whom are suffering greatly. Families are suffering on both sides — each and every death is a tragedy, as are all the injuries sustained. This strife is not new. I share the Biden Administration’s concerns with Israel’s planned evictions of Palestinians from their longtime homes in east Jerusalem. I also condemn, in the strongest possible terms, Hamas’ targeting of Israeli civilians. Both sides must reduce the escalation and work together constructively to move towards a peaceful resolution protecting the safety and rights of both Israelis and Palestinians. Israel has the right to defend itself. Palestinians have the right to live free from violence and to have a future of hope and economic prosperity. The two are not mutually exclusive. [View on Rep. Bourdeaux’s website]

Rep. Matt Cartwright (PA-8)

The reckless rocket attacks that have been carried out indiscriminately by Hamas continue to threaten the safety and lives of innocent people both in Israel and Palestine. I forcefully condemn these escalating assaults and support Israel’s right to defend itself and its people while taking utmost precautions to protect civilian lives. This conflict has already led to the death of dozens of civilian men, women and children, both Israeli and Palestinian. The loss of life is devastating, and I pray for the families that have been torn apart. I urge all parties to show restraint and prevent more unnecessary bloodshed. I ask the Biden administration to continue working to bring about a peaceful resolution as soon as possible. [View on Rep. Cartwright’s website]

Rep. Sean Casten (IL-6)

The escalating violence between Israel and Palestinian forces has reached a boiling point–resulting in the death of at least 15 Israelis and 65 Palestinians, including 16 children, and injuring at least 330 more. Israelis are entitled to live in peace and security. Palestinians are entitled to fundamental human rights and dignity. These rocket attacks by Hamas on Israeli cities and the Israeli military airstrikes on the Gaza strip have destroyed the lives of far too many Israeli and Palestinian families, who will continue to suffer from this conflict. “ith power there is moral responsibility, and the United States has great power in the region. The prior administration failed to address both Hamas’ militarization and too frequently turned a blind eye to the displacement of Palestinian families by Israeli settlers. Those actions created uncertainty, and complicated the political situation on the ground for all involved. I urge the administration to again lead with the moral obligation that our power requires, and to work with Israeli and Palestinian officials to deescalate tensions, end the violence, so that we may begin to work towards peace. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Joaquin Castro (TX-20)

The increasing loss of civilian lives of Palestinians and Israelis is unconscionable and unacceptable. I’m particularly disturbed by the disproportionate bombing of the Gaza Strip, including the deaths of at least 92 women and children and the targeting of the Associated Press building. The Biden administration must use every diplomatic tool to de-escalate this conflict and bring about peace, and I reiterate my call from last week on the House floor and urge an immediate cease fire be accepted by Israel and Hamas. Congress was recently notified of the Biden administration’s approval of a $735 million weapons sale to Israel. While I have supported security assistance to Israel, including by funding the Iron Dome defense system, I have serious concerns about the timing of this weapons sale, the message it will send to Israel and the world about the urgency of a cease fire, and the open questions about the legality of Israel’s military strikes that have killed civilians in Gaza. The United States government must not exacerbate this horrific violence. The American people expect Congress to take a hard look at how military aid and weapon sales are used and ensure that human rights are upheld. The status quo of occupation and creeping de-facto annexation is unjust and unsustainable, and neither makes the Israelis or Palestinians safer nor brings them closer to peace. The United States must make a concerted diplomatic effort to end the occupation and re-establish the commitment of both Israelis and Palestinians to a two-state solution. [View on Rep. Castro’s website]

Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27)

Israelis & Palestinians both deserve to be safe & secure in their homes. I oppose Israel’s violence & disregard for human rights in #SheikhJarra. And I condemn Hamas’ rocket attacks that indiscriminately endanger families. It’s time for a solution that offers hope & ends violence. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Katherine Clark (MA-5)

Israeli and Palestinian mothers alike lie awake tonight in fear for their children’s safety. We must work to end this horrific escalation in violence and toward a lasting and just peace. (View on Twitter)

Rep. Jason Crow (CO-6)

I am gravely concerned by the escalating violence in the Holy Land and encourage Israel and Hamas to reach an immediate ceasefire to prevent further destruction and loss of life. I condemn the Hamas rocket attacks against Israel and support Israel’s right to defend itself. Palestinians and Israelis both deserve the right to live with dignity, freedom and security. A two-state solution remains the only viable path forward for long-term peace and stability; eviction and displacement of Palestinian families pushes that future further out of reach. The United States needs to play a role in ending this violence, the brunt of which has been felt by children and innocent civilians. (View on Facebook)

Rep. Diana DeGette (CO-1)

It’s heartbreaking to see such violence taking place in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Israel is one of our nation’s closest allies and we must do everything we can to help it pursue a permanent, diplomatic solution to this decades-long dispute. Both sides need to take steps to deescalate this crisis. And it’s critical that the Biden Administration does everything it can to help negotiate a ceasefire and restore peace in the region. These attacks by Hamas are heinous and lead only to more bloodshed and deeper suffering on both sides. No Israeli citizen should have to live in fear of a sudden rocket attack, just as no Palestinian citizen should have to live in fear of being forcibly removed from their home in East Jerusalem, or from an airstrike targeting Hamas terrorists hiding within their midst. It’s past time for this decades-long conflict to end. The U.S. and our allies must make clear to both parties that the violence must stop. And that both sides need to work on finding a permanent, two-state solution that will preserve the dignity and safety of both peoples. (View on Rep. DeGette’s website)

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT-3)

Rocket attacks directed at civilian populations are not acceptable. Both sides must work to de-escalate the situation and respect civilians. “The escalation of violence in recent days in Gaza, Jerusalem, and throughout Israel has been devastating. Nearly 500 rocket attacks have been launched at populated Israeli cities, with corresponding rocket attacks targeted at Gaza. This violence has taken the lives of Israelis and Palestinians, civilians and children among them. Images of civilians taking cover in the street and stories of families taking shelter among destroyed buildings and debris are heartbreaking. There must be a cessation of violence from both sides immediately to de-escalate tensions and restore peace. An eye for an eye will make the world blind. “Recent reports of evictions of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem has contributed to the riots and subsequent violence. These evictions must stop. I urge President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken to call on both sides to end the violence and convey that indiscriminate evictions will only serve to inflame tensions, not quell the riots and violence. We must do everything we can to create an environment for dialogue moving forward to ensure Israelis and Palestinians can realize peace. [View on Rep. DeLauro’s website]

Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11)

I remain deeply concerned about the violence in Israel & Palestine. There must be an immediate ceasefire to protect innocent lives on both sides. Then we must begin to address the circumstances that led to this, including forced evictions and inequitable access to vaccines. Finally, we must continue to help broker peace in the region through a two-state solution based on tolerance and co-existence between Israel and Palestine. (View on Twitter)

Rep. Debbie Dingell (MI-12)

The escalating violence in the Middle East is deeply concerning and continues to threaten innocent lives. These aggressive tactics across the region, provoked further by a raid on peaceful protesters at the Al Aqsa Mosque and continued efforts to force Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, are immoral human rights violations and further drive a wedge into efforts for long-term peace. The Hamas missile attacks and retaliatory airstrikes, which further escalate and incite violence and terrorize civilians, must also immediately end. “Congress deserves to hear from the Biden-Harris Administration on the steps they are taking to end this vicious cycle of violence and I reiterate my call for a Congressional briefing. The United States must play a constructive role to safeguard human rights and deescalate tensions and violence in the region. Let’s be clear: violence and retaliation only provoke this dangerous situation. This Administration and Congress must be the leading voice in enacting an immediate ceasefire before any more lives are lost. “Moving forward, we must play a proactive role with our partners in the international community to address the underlying drivers of the conflict and ensure Israelis and Palestinians are able to live with dignity, peace and security, side-by-side. [View on Rep. Dingell’s website]

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX-35)

Painful to see yet more loss of life and escalation in Israel and Gaza. Violence begets violence. Rockets and bombing represent only a pathway to insecurity. Stop the wrongful evictions, stop the demolitions, stop the settlement expansion, stop the provocations. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA-18)

I unequivocally condemn Hamas and their rocket attacks on Israel and I support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism. The tragic deaths of so many innocent civilians are deeply concerning and the United States and the international community must come together to help broker an immediate ceasefire to this escalating conflict. [View on Rep. Eshoo’s website]

Rep. Bill Foster (IL-11)

The escalating violence between the Israeli and Palestinian people is heartbreaking. Enough innocent life has been lost due to neglect and the lack of the political will necessary to find a durable peace that provides an independent state for the Palestinians and lasting security for the Israelis. I call for violence on all sides to end immediately. The U.S. should reengage with our allies, especially those in the region, to help find a resolution that will bring an end to the violence, while laying the groundwork for a long-term, two-state solution. (View on Rep. Foster’s website)

Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ-3)

We cannot ignore the ongoing violence in Jerusalem & beyond as the Israeli government uses excessive force on worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We need to have serious conversations about U.S. taxpayer dollars funding actions like these. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Josh Harder (CA-10)

My heart breaks for the lives lost and homes destroyed by the violence in Israel. I condemn Hamas’ indiscriminate attacks on peaceful men, women, and children. Israel has the right to defend herself against these attacks. Extremist forces in Jerusalem also must show restraint rather than escalate this violence. It’s time to deescalate this crisis and secure a ceasefire in order to keep innocent Israelis and Palestinians safe. [View on Rep. Harder’s website]

Rep. Sara Jacobs (CA-53)

I am horrified by the reports and videos of violence in Jerusalem. The forced evictions in Sheikh Jarrah, the raid of Al Aqsa Mosque as worshipers prayed during Ramadan, and the escalation of violence by Hamas and the Israeli government have all swiftly and gravely damaged the long-term goals of peace for the region. As a Jewish woman, this crisis is deeply personal. I have close family living in Israel, and as violence escalates, I am worried for their and everyone’s safety in the region. “I urge President Biden and Secretary Blinken to use all diplomatic efforts to de-escalate this situation — to forcefully stand against violence, to unequivocally denounce the killing of civilians and children, and to reaffirm our support of long-term peace and stability in the region. Violence is violence — whether it is committed by our allies or our adversaries. Our leadership on the world stage demands that we speak up for what is right, even when – and especially when – it is inconvenient or uncomfortable. [View on Rep. Jacobs’ website]

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-7)

This crisis—and the senseless deaths of Palestinians and Israelis alike—shows no signs of abating. Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed to continue bombing Gaza, and Hamas continues firing rockets at Israeli towns. We need an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The U.S. must now go beyond simply voicing support for a ceasefire and urgently work to secure one. In light of disproportionate Israeli bombings that have destroyed the Associated Press offices, targeted a refugee camp, and damaged a Doctors Without Borders clinic, I am deeply concerned by the message sent by a pending $735 billion U.S. weapons sale to Israel. Its timing and significance threaten to undermine U.S. diplomacy to secure an immediate end to this violence. Congress and the Biden Administration should consider delaying this arms sale to carefully review whether transferring these precision-guided missiles at this moment is consistent with protecting human rights, achieving an immediate ceasefire, and is in accordance with the Arms Export Control Act, which only allows such weapons transfers for legitimate defense and prohibits their use to escalate conflict. Finally, as part of the overall process to bring about a peaceful settlement, the U.S. must recommit to using the many tools at its disposal to address the root causes of this recent violence and help bring about a two-state solution. [View on Rep. Jayapal’s website]

Rep. Mondaire Jones (NY-17)

Over the past week, my team and I have been monitoring the situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and I am heartbroken by the escalating tensions and growing violence. I am deeply committed to the strong relationship between Israel and the United States, and believe we must pursue a permanent, diplomatic solution to the ongoing crisis that addresses the underlying, decades-long conflict. I urge both parties to take steps that move both sides closer to a permanent two-state resolution that preserves the self-determination and dignity of both peoples. I strongly condemn the rocket attacks launched by Hamas against Israeli cities, and my heart goes out to those under fire. Such attacks only deepen the ongoing suffering of both Israeli citizens and Palestinians living in Gaza. I am concerned by continued loss and devastation on both sides, and I urge the Biden administration to work to immediately deescalate tensions and bring about a ceasefire. “The ongoing efforts to forcibly remove Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem, as well as the excessive use of force against protestors on the Haram al-Sharif / Temple Mount, are also outrageous and inhumane. Not only do such actions undermine the dignity of the Palestinian people as well as prospects for achieving two states for two peoples, they threaten Israeli and American security. “As a Member of Congress, an American citizen, and a Black American, I know that supporting Israel’s survival as a Jewish and democratic state and supporting Palestinian human rights and self-determination are not mutually exclusive. All Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live without fear of terror attacks, violence, and displacement. I urge the State Department to make clear that the violence must end, and that the removals as well as other acts of de facto annexation must be permanently stopped. [View on Rep. Jones’ website]

Rep. Robin Kelly (IL-2)

The eviction and forced displacement of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and the West Bank are unacceptable. I am deeply concerned by the growing violence and attacks. I urge the Biden Administration to increase diplomacy and de-escalate the situation. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)

U.S., Israeli, & Palestinian officials must work together to end this violence. We need a ceasefire. I’m disturbed by the violent tactics of the Israeli police against Palestinians in #SheikhJarrah & the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Any effort to displace Palestinian families must stop. Hamas must stop the rocket attacks targeting Jerusalem and civilians. The violence has already taken the lives of Palestinian & Israeli civilians, including children. All parties must de-escalate, and we must work towards a just two-state solution that upholds human rights. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Andy Kim (NJ-3)

I’m deeply saddened to see the suffering that is taking place in the Holy Land. Israeli and Palestinian civilians, especially children, should never be the victims bearing the brunt of conflict and their tragic loss is making peace harder to realize. An immediate ceasefire by the Israeli government and Hamas is essential to prevent further harm and destruction and to preserve the possibility of peace through a two-state solution.

This ceasefire is only possible through multilateral engagement and support. The U.S. should work to support partners in the region in brokering a ceasefire that leads to an immediate cessation of hostilities building towards a durable peace. To support this process, the Biden Administration can take immediate and substantive steps including: [View the FULL statement on Rep. Kim’s website]

Rep. Brenda Lawrence (MI-14)

I’m horrified and heartbroken by what’s happening in the Middle East. The violence must end. Israel has the right to protect itself and all innocent civilians from the barrage of rocket fire coming from Hamas. Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace, security and stability and that can only be achieved through rejecting extremism and building trust. I strongly urge Israeli and Palestinian leaders to lower tensions, de-escalate the situation immediately, and work toward a viable two state solution. [View on Facebook]

Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13)

I condemn the horrific violence in the Middle East in the strongest possible terms and urge both Israelis and Palestinians to act urgently to de-escalate. The US must rapidly work to enable dialogue that can immediately reduce tensions, end the violence, and lead to peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians. “Unjust attempts to forcibly displace Palestinian families from their homes undermines Israeli security, Palestinian dignity, and prospects for peace. Violent protests and a heavy-handed Israeli police response escalated the situation. Hamas rocket attacks and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes have caused the death of too many innocent civilians. This must stop. “The United States must also make clear that actions that target civilians are unacceptable. As long as the Palestinians remain stateless and Israelis remain under attack, there will never be stability, let alone peace. The two-state solution remains the best framework to ensure both peoples can have peace, safety and prosperity. [View on Rep. Lee’s website]

Rep. Andy Levin (MI-9)

On Monday, the spokesman for the State Department said that while the Biden administration ‘over the longer term may move toward playing some sort of mediating role between Israelis and Palestinians,’ the administration is ‘just not in a position, I think, to see meaningful progress.’ Statements like this suggest that U.S. engagement can begin after the violent crisis in Israel and Gaza and the provocations that preceded it sort themselves out—that circumstances allowing for ‘meaningful progress’ will materialize miraculously. In reality, we have a choice: will the United States act in a manner that promotes meaningful progress? Or are we content to let an unbearable situation fester, leading certainly to more violence and more loss of life?…. (Read the FULL statement on Rep. Levin’s website)

Rep. Alan Lowenthal (CA-47)

I am heartbroken by the ongoing violence in Israel. While the Israelis have every right to defend themselves, it is also critical to break the cycle of escalation. Terrorism is unacceptable. So are actions which threaten human rights. The status quo is unacceptable. We must acknowledge the fact that until we achieve a just two-state solution, cycles of violence will continue, human rights will be violated, and both Jews and Palestinians will continue to suffer.” Issues:Human Rights and Civil Rights, Peace and Diplomacy. [View on Rep. Lowenthal’s website]

Rep. Tom Malinowski (NJ-7)

When Hamas targets populated areas in Israel with indiscriminate weapons, that is terrorism, a deliberate attempt to kill civilians, which no grievance can justify. Israel absolutely has a right to target those firing these weapons. US support for its defenses remains vital. Separately, I share the Biden administration’s strong concerns about the planned evictions of Palestinians from homes they’ve lived in for decades. Every effort should be made to deescalate the situation and respect Jerusalem’s status as a home to multiple faiths. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-12)

On May 10, after clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protestors at Al Aqsa Mosque, Hamas began indiscriminately firing hundreds of unguided munitions from Gaza into Israeli residential areas with Israel responding with targeted airstrikes. No one should be subject to an onslaught of rocket fire, and Israel has a right to defend herself and her people. I unequivocally condemn these attacks launched by Hamas and grieve for the innocent people who have lost their lives in this recent escalation. It is thanks to the Iron Dome that more lives have not been lost and I remain a strong supporter of security aid for Israel. I also believe that this aid must be used as intended by the 2018 MOU and only for security purposes. I remain unreservedly supportive of and committed to a two-state solution and humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. The United States must fully engage with Israel, the Palestinians, and our allies in the region to stop this violence. As the Biden Administration works to fulfill its commitment to reengage with the Palestinians, we must rely on existing relationships to address the current situation and avoid any further escalation. I am also deeply disturbed to see antisemitic attacks and calls for antisemitic demonstrations in New York, across the country, and around the world spurred by the conflict in Israel and Gaza. We cannot and must not stand idly by whenever and wherever we see instances of hate. [View on Rep. Maloney’s website]

Rep. Betty McCollum (MN-4)

I joined The Mehdi Hasan Show to discuss my bill, H.R. 2590. The Israeli government’s attacks on the basic human rights of Palestinians has led to the current conflict. I want each Israeli child and Palestinian child to sleep in their own bed peacefully at night, not worrying about being attacked. The violence must stop. Our U.S. tax dollars should never be used to demolish Palestinian homes or lock up Palestinian children in military detention centers. The only way to bring peace forward is for the U.S. to stand up for everyone’s human rights – and that includes Palestinian rights. [View on Facebook]

Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-2)

I’m deeply concerned by the escalating violence in Jerusalem & aggressive, violent tactics of Israeli police against Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah & Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. All efforts to displace Palestinian families must stop. Rocket attacks on Jerusalem by Palestinian militants in Gaza must stop. American, Israeli & Palestinian officials must act decisively to deescalate tensions and end violence. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Gregory Meeks (NY-5)

I am grateful for having the opportunity to talk earlier today with National Security Advisor Sullivan. I requested the call to lend encouragement to efforts to deescalate the multiple conflicts in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. I asked Mr. Sullivan to swiftly nominate a U.S. Ambassador to Israel, do what is necessary to allow Israel to defend itself against missile attacks from Gaza, and work to aid the Palestinian people. The missile launches from Gaza are nothing short of abhorrent terrorist attacks meant to kill, injure, and terrorize civilians. They must end and never happen again. Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and their enablers, bear full responsibility for the violence. Condemnation of rocket fire from Gaza must not come with a qualifier, and I will continue to work to provide Israel the resources it needs to defend itself. I addressed with Mr. Sullivan the simultaneous problems that must be acknowledged and addressed to ensure Hamas cannot take advantage of a volatile situation in Jerusalem and ensure the conflict between peoples one day will come to an equitable end. I remain deeply concerned by the violence in Jerusalem, including the heavy-handed police responses in Sheikh Jarrah and on the Temple Mount. I continue to encourage the Israeli government to permanently halt the unjust eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem. And I worry greatly about the simmering conflicts between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel. I firmly believe the United States must stand with the State of Israel, its identity as the Jewish homeland, and its right to live in safety and prosperity, and I am also insistent that the United States recognize the desire of the Palestinian people to have freedom and prosperity and security of their own. These convictions are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they are mutually reinforcing. (View on HFAC website)

Rep. Joe Morelle (NY-25)

I strongly condemn the attacks by Hamas against innocent civilians. This violence must end, which is why I continue to support de-escalation efforts and will work to achieve lasting peace, safety, and prosperity for both Israel and Palestine. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Seth Moulton (MA-6)

I urge Israel and leaders in Ramallah to broker a ceasefire. I am clear-eyed and united with Israel in the belief that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Israel has the right to defend itself, and Hamas’s rocket attacks deserve a response. Israel must make every effort to avoid civilian deaths. That includes the continuation of the use of warning shots before airstrikes and the avoidance of targeting buildings occupied by civilians. I am a friend of Israel, and I believe you tell your friends hard truths. The hard truth is this: the decision to relocate Palestinian families for settlements is morally wrong. The policy of settlements is designed to take territory that the world–including Israel–has agreed belongs to Palestinians. It is a home-by-home invasion, spread over years. I deeply oppose it, and anyone who wants to see peace in the region should as well. Israel’s Supreme Court should rule against the recent decision to relocate Palestinian families from East Jerusalem. I also question the decision to send Israeli police into Al-Aqsa and the organized marches of hardliners through East Jerusalem, especially during Ramadan. It is hard to discern any intention from these decisions other than a calculated attempt by Israelis to provoke violence. True, lasting peace will only come from a two-state plan, negotiated in good faith by Israel and the Palestinians that recognizes East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian nation, a goal Israel walked further from with former President Trump’s encouragement. The United States should help broker a two-state plan, but ultimately the deal will have to be created and agreed to by Israel and the Palestinians. [View on Rep. Moulton’s website]

Sen. Chris Murphy (CT) and Sen. Todd Young (IN)

Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas’ rocket attacks, in a manner proportionate with the threat its citizens are facing. As a result of Hamas’ rocket attacks and Israel’s response, both sides must recognize that too many lives have been lost and must not escalate the conflict further. We are encouraged by reports that the parties are exploring a ceasefire. We hope that this ceasefire can be reached quickly and that additional steps can be taken to preserve a two-state future. (View on Sen. Murphy’s website)

Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY-10)

With more lives being lost each day, simply hoping for the situation to improve is not enough. The Biden Administration must urge an immediate ceasefire and lead efforts to facilitate de-escalation–we must act to stop the pain and suffering of both Israelis and Palestinians. Jacob Magid (@JacobMagid): BREAKING: Biden at a presser says he “had a conversation with Bibi Netanyahu not too long ago… My expectation and hope is that this will be closing down sooner rather than later, but Israel has a right to defend itself against thousands of rockets flying into their territory” [View on Twitter]

Rep. David Price (NC-4) and Rep. John Yarmuth (KY-3)

As strong supporters of the U.S.-Israel special relationship and advocates of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we deplore the current escalations of tension and violence in the region. We condemn with the strongest possible terms the recent rocket attacks on Jerusalem and southern Israel by Hamas. These attacks do nothing to address the ongoing suffering in Gaza, serving only to further destabilize an already fragile situation. “At the same time, we are deeply disturbed by the ongoing violence taking place on the Haram al-Sharif / Temple Mount. We call on both the Israelis and Palestinians to swiftly and decisively de-escalate the situation. “Moreover, we are appalled by the potential forced evictions of Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The unjust attempts to forcibly remove and displace Palestinians who have lived in their homes for decades undermines long-term Israeli security, Palestinian dignity, and the prospects for peacefully achieving two states for two peoples. While we appreciate the delay in the court proceedings on this case, we call on the Israeli government to prevent these potential evictions. “Let us be clear, Israelis and Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, have a right to a just, safe, and secure future, which can only be achieved through diplomacy–not violence. [View on Rep. Price’s website]

Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-8)

The outbreak of brutal violence in Israel and Gaza has killed dozens of Israeli and Palestinian civilians, including at least 16 children, and wounded hundreds more. That fact compels an immediate ceasefire to save human life and prospects for peace. Hamas must stop its indiscriminate rocket attacks on the people of Israel now. Like all sovereign states, Israel has a right to defend itself and is bound by international law and humanitarian law to actively protect civilians from harm in doing so. All sides must deescalate this nightmarish violence to prevent all-out war and escalating grief and misery. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-9)

I am horrified by the ongoing violent escalation in Gaza and Israel. We have now seen nearly 500 rockets fired indiscriminately at Israeli cities, sending civilians running for their lives. Israel has legitimately responded with retaliatory strikes in Gaza. At least 30 Palestinians and 3 Israelis, including children have been killed, and hundreds more have been wounded in this painfully familiar cycle of violence. This cannot stand. I urge the United States to act swiftly to de-escalate the situation and negotiate a permanent ceasefire. “Earlier this week, I was deeply disturbed by the intended evictions of Palestinian families – some of whom have been in their homes for decades. The Biden Administration, through its National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, has also conveyed its concern over the evictions. I continue to urge the Administration to remain heavily involved in addressing the root causes of this violence, including the ongoing evictions, displacement, and occupation, as it works to secure a ceasefire. “The violence must end now, and we must work to enable a dialogue that can lead to a just, safe, and secure future for both Israelis and Palestinians. [View on Rep. Schakowsky’s website]

Rep. Adam Smith (WA-9)

As I called for last week, there must be an immediate ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. The current path of escalation will only result in further civilian casualties and risks history repeating with another destructive and unproductive cycle of violence. The U.S. must work with Israel, Palestinians, the UN, and other countries in the region to reach a halt to hostilities, ensure that steps are taken to avoid further civilian casualties, and reopen peaceful negotiations. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Jackie Speier (CA-14)

I condemn the violence in Israel and Gaza and urge President Biden to leverage U.S. power to end this senseless bloodshed. While the rockets fired on Israel are unacceptable, so is the horrific and disproportionate use of force against Palestinian civilians – including children. We can’t ignore the underlying issue of evictions of Palestinians from their homes, which increased by 48% since 2016. I’ve called on Sec. Blinken to pressure Israel to prevent further displacement of Palestinian families, many of whom have lived in their homes for decades. (View on Twitter)

Rep. Lori Trahan (MA-3)

Innocent Palestinian and Israeli families are sheltering in fear from rocket attacks and airstrikes. The US has an obligation to help broker an immediate ceasefire. The escalating violence must be stopped, and efforts to address its root causes using diplomacy must be redoubled. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (NY-7)

We must recognize the legitimate grievances of Palestinians in East Jerusalem & Israel must stop forced evictions of families in Sheikh Jarrah. I also condemn the rocket attacks from Hamas. The militant group’s involvement does not advance the welfare of Sheikh Jarrah’s residents. Serious conversations about the region’s future are likely to falter if we do not address the underlying circumstances, grievances and actions that have brought the current conflict to a boil. I call on Secretary Blinken to engage with our international partners and craft a response to appropriately address the escalating violence, the grievances of Sheikh Jarrah’s residents & provide the tools necessary to advance a diplomatic solution for lasting peace. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12)

I’m deeply disturbed by the images I’ve seen coming out of Jerusalem. The violence we’ve seen in Sheikh Jarrah and at the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex is completely unacceptable. Israel should immediately cease its actions against Palestinians and end the evictions of Palestinians from their homes. I have long been a supporter of both Israel’s right to defend itself against violence as well as a 2-state solution. Any peace must ensure the religious rights and security of Jews, Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem including the right to worship peacefully. The images of violence in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound run counter to efforts toward peace. I’m calling on President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken to address the issue of accountability and our goals in pursuit of peace in Jerusalem by holding responsible those who violate the rights of protesters and worshipers. A proactive approach is needed before violence erupts. While occupation and de facto annexation continue in violation of international law, tensions will continue to escalate. [View on Twitter]

Rep. Jennifer Wexton (VA-10)

I am deeply saddened by the violence taking place in Israel and Gaza and am urging both the Israelis and Palestinians to immediately de-escalate tensions. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel targeting civilian populations. Hamas continues to be a destabilizing force and an obstacle to peace in the region. As a strong supporter of the U.S.-Israel special relationship, I am deeply disturbed by the potential forced evictions of Palestinian families living in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem and by the aggressive tactics against Palestinian protestors that helped spark the current crisis. This must stop. The first priority must be to achieve an immediate cease-fire and de-escalation of tensions before it spirals even more out of control. Israelis and Palestinians have a right to a just and safe future which can only be achieved through diplomacy. (View on Rep. Wexton’s website)


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