Experts Shred Trump over Iran Tweet

Earlier this morning, President Trump turned his Twitter fire on the Iran nuclear agreement.

He was referring to a strange and reckless statement put out yesterday by Lt. General Michael Flynn, his National Security Advisor. The statement vaguely declared that Iran had been “put on notice” for recent ballistic missile tests.

This tweet, like most of Trump’s, was riddled with falsehoods. It did not take long for people who actually understand the Iran agreement to pile on. Ben Rhodes, a former Obama foreign policy advisor and speechwriter, tweeted:

Josh Wolfsthal, a former Former National Security Council Senior. Director for Non-Proliferation, went even more in-depth, taking Trump’s tweet apart piece by piece in his tweetstorm:

It’s not really in Trump’s nature to heed the advice of people who know what they’re talking about. Going forward, it will be critical for Congress to do their part to ensure that the president does not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon with his bluster and reckless foreign policy. The Iran agreement has worked so far — it must be preserved.