Israel Election Outlook with MK Tamar Zandberg

January 28, 2015

With the majority of Israeli primaries concluded and their respective party lists announced, the Israeli elections are really heating up. The Zionist Camp coalition is maintaining its lead in the polls, with Likud and Jewish Home not far behind. To top it all off, Speaker John Boehner has invited Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently running for Prime Minister, to speak to a joint session of Congress two weeks before the Israeli elections are to take place.

We had a special briefing with with Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg to discuss the these recent events and their potential impact on the current Israeli political landscape.

Listen to our briefing call with MK Tamar Zandberg

About MK Tamar Sandberg: Tamar is a current Member of Knesset for the Meretz party and an emerging voice for social and feminist activism on the Israeli left. Having served in the opposition during the previous government, MK Zandberg is part of the ascending Israeli left challenging for a new goverment in Israel. A current member of the Environment and Gender Equality committees, Tamar is a stanch advocate for sustainable urban planning, affordable housing and natural resources issues and was a key figure in the 2011 Israeli social protests.