Jeremy Ben-Ami responds to Thomas Friedman

November 12, 2009

Check out Jeremy Ben-Ami’s letter to the editor in response to Thomas Friedman’s recent column:

Thomas Friedman (“Call when you’re ready,” Views, Nov. 9) is right and wrong. Right: the “peace-processing-is-us” approach hasn’t worked, won’t work, and should be scrapped. Wrong: America can’t just walk away. The festering status quo hurts U.S. interests, primarily by fueling the fires of extremism in the region. The status quo is no option either if one cares about Israel remaining both Jewish and democratic. The right choice for the U.S. isn’t to walk away but, with the international community, to step up and lead, closing a deal both sides need, the parameters of which we can all recite in our sleep. Jeremy Ben-Ami, Washington Executive director, J Street