Make a Difference

Even from home, you can continue to work for a better future for Israelis and Palestinians.

Though many of us our confined to our homes (an important way we’re all making a difference right now) we don’t need to put our activism on pause.

Here are some actions you can take from home which will have a lasting impact:

Tell the Senate: US taxpayers should not foot the bill for annexation

Urge your senators to back the Van Hollen amendment, which prohibits US military aid from being used for West Bank annexation


American Jews Oppose Annexation

Under the terms of the coalition agreement struck by Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Netanyahu, annexation of large swaths of the West Bank can begin as early as July 1. If that happens, it will be a disaster for Israeli democracy, Palestinian rights and prospects for a two-state solution. Add your name and join the movement to stop annexation.

Add your name

Trump needs to unfreeze Palestinian aid, now.

COVID-19 has reached the West Bank and Gaza, where fragile infrastructure and shortages of medical supplies could lead to devastating outbreaks. Ask your members of Congress to urge the Trump administration to unfreeze Palestinian aid NOW to help combat this pandemic.

Take Action


In the United States, Israel and the Palestinian territory — all hit hard by this pandemic — organizations are mobilizing to provide support to address the economic and medical trauma befalling vulnerable communities. Below we’ve listed some organizations and relief funds that could use your support in this moment — if you’re in a position to help.

Crooked Media’s Coronavirus Relief Fund

Our friends at Crooked Media have created a fund that will equally distribute donations to deserving charities providing food assistance, financial support to workers and healthcare. Organizations include Meals on Wheels, the CDC Foundation, the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation and more.



New Israel Fund

NIF funds several organizations directly engaged in relief, including Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, which operates community and mobile clinics for migrants, refugees and other vulnerable communities inside Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Over the coming weeks, NIF will be offering emergency grants to NGOs and community organizations assisting people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and workers impacted by the pandemic.


Physicians for Human Rights


Israel’s national food bank has seen demand for its services rise exponentially during the pandemic and is now delivering meals to over 6,000 food -insecure families and elderly Israelis per day. With coronavirus cases still on the rise in Israel, the organization is contending with the challenge of scaling its operations while ensuring the safety of its teams and recipients.


Leket Israel volunteers

Palestine’s Coronavirus Relief Fund

Even before the outbreak, healthcare providers in the West Bank and Gaza were severely strained, partially due to the elimination of funding by the Trump administration. Rebuilding Alliance created this relief fund to address urgent needs: protective equipment for healthcare workers, ICU equipment for NGO hospitals, food assistance to people in quarantine and more.


Palestine's Coronavirus Relief Fund


For over a century, the Jewish organization HIAS has advocated for the rights and dignity of refugee populations. Their work continues even during the pandemic. Adapting to current restrictions, HIAS has developed processes to remotely secure the services of pro bono attorneys to assist asylum seekers in crowded US detention facilities. They’re making sure recently resettled refugees in the US know how to access public benefits, while also providing emergency relief to refugees abroad.