May 8, 2009

I admit, I couldn’t help but smile when I read in Tuesday’s New York Times that some in AIPAC have “tried to treat J Street as if it were lint.”

But I smiled more at an email from one of our supporters who wrote that we should be proud to be L.I.N.T. – Liberal, Intelligent, Necessary, and Timely.

Liberal:  Filling the need for a political voice that supports Israel and is true to our values.

Intelligent: Pressing, as the New York Observer highlighted, a realistic view of U.S. and Israeli policies, and unwilling to rubber stamp self-defeating policies in either country.

Necessary: Opening much needed political space in Washington – for example backing President Obama’s $900 million Palestinian aid package and his request for room to engage with a Palestinian unity government including Hamas, were it to be formed.  Read our statements supporting the aid package – which passed in Committee this week.

Timely: Countering Newt Gingrich within hours of his attack on President Obama’s Middle East policy at AIPAC, where he beat the drums for war with Iran and derided the necessity of a two-state solution. Thousands may have applauded him at the conference, but 20,000 people like you sent letters of support to President Obama within 72 hours. If you haven’t taken action yet, click here to add your voice.

We’re well over 100,000 strong, getting organized all around the country – and our voices are being heard.

Next stop: Washington in October when the pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy movement will gather at our first national conference.  I hope you’re planning to come and that you will take it as a personal challenge to bring at least one other person with you.  The more people who show up, the greater our impact on Washington politics.