News Roundup for January 3, 2022

January 3, 2022
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Top News and Analysis

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Gaza Following Rocket Launches, The Washington Post
The Israeli military struck at least two sites inside the Gaza Strip late Saturday, a limited attack that reportedly caused no injuries but raised concerns that a period of relative quiet following last May’s deadly war between Israel and the Hamas militant group is growing shaky.

Witnesses: Car Crash That Left Palestinian Man Seriously Injured Caused by Settlers, Haaretz
A source familiar with the investigation behind Nablus resident Raed Harez’s car crash revealed that a settler was detained last week on suspicion of his involvement in stone throwing that led to the accident.


Egypt Pushes for Calm After Flare-up in Gaza Hostilities, The Washington Post
Egyptian officials Sunday pushed for Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip to rein in hostilities and adhere to a cease-fire in place since the war in May.

Israel Approves Measures for Palestinians After Leaders Meet, NBC News
Israel’s defense minister approved a raft of measures aimed at improving relations with the Palestinians on Wednesday following a rare meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Us ‘Concerned’ Over Iran Rocket Launch, The Hill
The U.S. is concerned about Iran’s development of space launch vehicles, saying there is a serious risk Tehran is building up its ballistic missile program and one could someday be used to carry a nuclear warhead, a State Department spokesperson told The Hill.

Israel Pledges to Inform U.S. on Major Deals With China, Haaretz
Israel informed the U.S. it will notify Washington about significant deals it strikes with China, and said it would reexamine these deals if opposition is raised.

Opinion and Analysis

Desmond Tutu stood for Palestinians and many others. We should honor his global struggle for justice., The Washington Post
Redi Tlhabi reflects on the legacy of Desmond Tutu, writing, “It was perhaps his support for Palestinians and his criticism of Israel that got him in trouble with many who wanted to preserve him in amber, a sort of living monument to a past struggle. “When you go to the Holy Land and see what’s being done to the Palestinians at checkpoints, for us, it’s the kind of thing we experienced in South Africa,” he told The Post in 2013.” The world has lost a towering figure, whose imprint on the soul of our humanity can never be erased.”

A Most Moral Violence, 972 Mag
Noam Sheizaf reviews “Armed with Legitimacy: Justifications for Military Violence in Israeli Society,” a Hebrew-language collection of academic essays. He explains, “As its name suggests, “Armed with Legitimacy” deals with the ways Israeli society processes the inherent violence of the occupation — that is, the ways in which the violent deprivation of Palestinian rights is either rationalized, ignored, explained, or mitigated by both soldiers and the various sociological groups that make up Israeli civil society. ”

At My PhD Program in Jerusalem, I Was the Only Arab Around. Except the Cleaners’, Haaretz
“Nihaya Daoud is used to seeing eyebrows raised. That’s the reaction she got when going abroad to do a postdoc for two years without her children, and when she became the first Arab woman in Israel to be appointed professor of public health. And she’s not afraid to probe the wounds of her community.”