News Roundup for November 29, 2022

November 29, 2022
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J Street News Roundup

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Top News and Analysis

4 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Fire in Occupied West Bank, AP
A Palestinian man on Tuesday rammed his car into an Israeli soldier, seriously injuring her, before he was shot dead by Israeli police in the occupied West Bank. He was the fourth Palestinian killed in a series of violent incidents throughout the day. It was the latest bloodshed in a mounting surge of Israeli-Palestinian violence in the wake of a Jerusalem bombing last week that killed two Israelis.

Netanyahu, Far-right Party Make Breakthrough in Coalition Talks, Haaretz
Benjamin Netanyayu’s Likud party and the far-right Religious Zionism party are on the verge of signing a coalition agreement, the two parties revealed on Tuesday in a joint statement, bringing Netanyahu closer to establishing a government after weeks of difficult negotiations with his coalition partners.


Ben-Gvir Slammed for Visiting Family of Soldier Sentenced for Threatening Activists, Haaretz
Otzma Yehudit leader Itamar Ben-Gvir denounced the decision to send a soldier to prison for 10 days after being filmed threatening left-wing activists, and later visited the soldier’s home on Tuesday. At a meeting with the soldier’s father on Tuesday, the Kahanist lawmaker demanded that “the IDF chief of staff and the army leadership think twice about this punishment.”

IDF To Hold Joint Air Drills With US, Simulating Strikes on Iran and Proxies, The Times of Israel
The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday said it would be holding a series of joint aerial exercises with the US military, simulating strikes against Iran and its regional terror proxies. In a statement, the IDF said the drills, set to take place over Israel and the Mediterranean Sea, would begin Tuesday.

55% of Israelis Want IDF To Kill Terrorists Who Are No Longer a Threat, The Jerusalem Post
Over half (55%) of all Israelis think the IDF should kill terrorists even after they no longer pose a danger, a new Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) poll revealed. In addition, just under half (45.5%) of Israelis support targeting civilian populations in Gaza to deter rockets being fired into Israel, which marks a jump from 27.5% in 2018.

Avi Maoz Given Reins of Civil Society Cooperation Unit Within PM’s Office, Haaretz
Incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given a fringe-right, anti-LGBTQ politician control of a division in his office, which would allow him to influence cooperation with civil society organizations.

Opinion and Analysis

‘We Survived Begin, Shamir, and Netanyahu. We’ll Survive Ben Gvir Too’, +972 Mag
Baker Zoubi argues, “Despite Arab parties focusing their election campaigns on the threat of the far right, it is the Jewish center left who seem to be more afraid.”

The Misogyny and Homophobia Authority, Haaretz
Haaretz’s Editorial Board writes, “People from across the political spectrum have (another) reason to view the future with apprehension. Netanyahu has handed an ultra-nationalist, homophobic, chauvinist and misogynist Jew the power and money to shape the personal, familial and national identity of Israel’s citizens, according to his twisted values.”

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