News Roundup for September 9, 2022

September 9, 2022
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J Street News Roundup

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Top News and Analysis

Palestinian With Rifle Arrested in Tel Aviv; Police Say He Admits to Planning Terror Attack, Haaretz
Special police forces arrested a 19-year-old Palestinian in possession of an assault rifle and two magazines in Jaffa, who has subsequently confessed to plotting to carry out a terror attack, according to Tel Aviv police.

Hearing on Controversial E1 Settlement Plan Postponed Again, The Times of Israel
A hearing in a key settlement planning forum regarding the highly controversial E1 construction project has been postponed for the third time without a future date being set. The left-wing Ir Amim and Peace Now organizations — which have both submitted objections to the project — said they were informed of the postponement by the Higher Planning Committee of the Civil Administration, which oversees settlement planning in the West Bank.

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Israel To Measure Inequality Between Mizrahi and Ashkenazi Jews With New Statistics, JTA
After decades of withholding statistics on socioeconomic differences between Jews of Ashkenazi or European origins, and those of Mizrahi or North Africa and Middle Eastern origin, Israel’s national statistical bureau decided last month to begin publishing data that is expected to shed light on one of the most politically charged divisions in Israeli society.

Zionist Spirit’s Hendel: I Will Not Help Netanyahu and Ben-Gvir Form Government, Haaretz
Lawmaker Yoaz Hendel, who is running in the right-wing Zionist Spirit party in the upcoming Israeli election, said Thursday that he will not be the one to help Benjamin Netanyahu secure a 61-seat majority to return to power, especially with the backing of Kahanist lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir.

Lapid, Michaeli, Galon To Meet, Discuss Meretz-Labor Merger, The Jerusalem Post
Prime Minister Yair Lapid, Labor Party leader and Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli and Meertz leader Zehava Galon will meet on Saturday night at Lapid’s request in order to discuss a potential merger, the three announced on Thursday.

U.S. Urges Israel To Take Steps To Stabilize Palestinian Authority, Axios
The Biden administration urged the Israeli government to take urgent steps to stabilize the Palestinian Authority, which officials say is increasingly weakening and losing its control in the occupied West Bank. U.S. officials are deeply concerned that the deteriorating situation in the West Bank and an increase in violence could lead to a major crisis.

Opinion and Analysis

In U.S. Journalist’s Death, Israel Leaves Questions Unanswered, The Washington Post
The Washington Post Editorial Board writes, “Months after investigations by international news and human rights organizations found that an Israeli soldier probably fired the shot that killed a highly regarded Palestinian American journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, last spring, an Israeli military investigation has reached the same conclusion — but also ruled out any criminal investigation or charges against its troops. That judgment leaves critical questions unanswered.”

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