Our Conference: A Smashing Success

October 29, 2009

In the wake of our first national conference in Washington, DC, it’s clearer than ever to
the national political establishment that broad political support
exists in our community for active American leadership to resolve the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Watch a quick montage from the conference on your right.

If you couldn’t make it to Washington, go here for archived video, pics, news, and more.

Here’s our conference by the numbers.

– Over 1,500 participants. We expected 1,000.
– Over 35,000 viewers tuned in to watch Monday’s webcast of conference events. Over 25,000 tuned in on Sunday night.
-148 Members of Congress on our Host Committee. 44 Members of Congress at the Gala Dinner.
– – 150 members of the press attended.
– 210
Lobby Day meetings with Members of Congress and their staff. Over 100
meetings with Members of Congress themselves. Over 700 activists took part
in these meetings.

– 5 Members of Knesset attending.

– 68 American College Campuses represented, along with 10 others from Canada, Israel, and Britain.