Adopting Levy Committee recommendations would be a ‘serious step in the wrong direction’ for Israel

October 18, 2012

J Street is deeply concerned by reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering bringing some of the Levy Committee’s recommendations to a ministerial committee for approval. We believe this would be a serious step in the wrong direction for the state of Israel.

If the government approves these recommendations, it would contradict the Prime Minister’s public commitment to achieving a two-state solution and would further entrench Israeli control over the West Bank, much of which must ultimately be part of a Palestinian state if Israel is to remain Jewish and democratic.

When the Levy Committee first issued its report, J Street expressed its fierce opposition, as did over forty significant American Jewish leaders in a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu. As the American leaders made clear at the time, “The Levy Report will not strengthen Israel’s position in this conflict, but rather add fuel to those who seek to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist.”

Even proposals to adopt limited aspects of the report would be a serious mistake. Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned yesterday that the proposed adoption of the report will “cause diplomatic damage and will increase Israel’s isolation in the world.”

J Street strongly urges the prime minister to reconsider moving ahead with even limited elements of the Levy recommendations, and we hope that significant American Jewish opposition will once again be voiced against actions that put the long-term survival of a Jewish and democratic Israel at risk.